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Member since: Tue Jul 7, 2015, 05:17 PM
Number of posts: 9,497

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Thanks to the swarm. I hope your echo chamber is shocked when reality strikes.

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It's sad that Bill wanted to build a bridge to Hope and Hillary wants to destroy it.

Remember the 90s and the Boy from Hope?

All Hillary has run on both this election and the last one, was making fun of the word "Hope". She tried to vilify Obama for running on Hope and Change like it was an idiotic stance. This election, she has hit her stride. No more just making fun of this emotion, but proudly telling us why it is a fantasy and make no mistake, her presidency would be devoid of this infantile emotion.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Newest declared candidate who is running against Bernie.

The good news, if h wins the nom, we can vote for these guys

Great new video with the build of Sanders rise

Please check this OP out

You will love it, I promise!

Feel The Bern 9: The Sandstorm Cometh

Can I say, Momentum! Oh yeah!
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