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Member since: Tue Jul 7, 2015, 05:17 PM
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Thanks to the swarm. I hope your echo chamber is shocked when reality strikes.

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Minnesota Ojibwa take on the pipeline


The 1855 Treaty Authority argues that the state laws violate rights that the Ojibwe were guaranteed under treaties signed between the tribe and the U.S. government in the 1800s. Those treaties ceded Ojibwe lands to the United States, but protected the Natives' rights to hunt, fish and gather off the reservation, the group claims.


The lawyer and others affiliated with the tribe want to push their case even further, however, asserting their treaty rights as a means of stopping oil and gas pipelines. The proposed route of the Sandpiper project, part of an aggressive expansion of pipelines in the region by Canadian oil company Enbridge, runs near the White Earth Nation, while the older Minnesota Pipe Line already crosses the area. Some Ojibwe worry that these pipelines could permanently pollute the land, water and food that has sustained their people for generations.

"What we want to do ultimately, beyond the rights to hunt, fish and gather, is really to protect our environment," said Bibeau. "We are facing four different kinds of pipeline projects right now through Northern Minnesota, through the lakes, rivers and even the headwaters of the Mississippi."

My grandfather was from the Redcliff Reservation of Ojibwas in Wisconsin. He is the one who ran away to the Navy and later married my Mexican grandmother.

Why we need to worry about Monsanto and other Toxins

This is a very GRAPHIC video


Just click on the blue button and it will take you to the vimeo site to watch.

It is also in Spanish but the images are compelling and the words like toxins is easily understood.

Common Dreams: H Real problem,emails are symptom

Those who point out that by insisting on having her own email, she played into a narrative that has plagued her throughout her career are getting at the real problem for her – and us. It highlights the fact that she is secretive, distrustful, entitled, and politically opaque.


Ms. Clinton’s pursuit of the presidency is like a Shakespearian tragedy which has been defined as a story "… which has a noble protagonist, who is flawed in some way, placed in a stressful heightened situation and ends with a fatal conclusion."

New pro Sanders article by Native American in Seattle

I posted in GDP, but it might sink.

I think he sums up this Latina's (and I am1/4th Ojibwa Native,too) feelings about Westlake since the beginning. It is very thoughtful and very pro Sanders at the same time.

Please check it out, thanks!

Words from the Native man on stage at Westlake protecting BLM

"Although light years ahead of his Democratic counterparts, Bernie Sanders will ultimately become a better candidate because of the Black Lives Matter takeover of the microphone and stage in Seattle." —Gyasi Ross, Blackfeet Nation/Suquamish Nation Territories

Talking about genocide is uncomfortable. Talking about slavery is uncomfortable. Talking about why three out of five Native women are the victims of sexual assault, largely by non-Native males, is uncomfortable. Talking about Jim Crow laws is uncomfortable. Talking about why Native and Black people end up dead at the end of police gun more often than any other ethnicities is uncomfortable.

But it has to be talked about. We have to talk about it.

Yes, even Bernie has to talk about it.


The question of groups

I was reading in a group , let say the Pineapple group,that I don't belong to as I am not a Pineapple and there was a post about the member posting in this group that was supportive of the group. Well, someone who didn't belong to the group, alerted the post and got a jury to hide it.

I believe if you are in a group that is for pineapples and someone who doesn't like pineapples reads your pro pineapple post, they shouldn't be allowed to alert.

How can we change this?

I believe in the sanctity of the group. If I like pineapples, I should be able to wax on about them being the best fruit and not have to worry about the Peaches coming in and shutting it down.

The initial group I read in was not a candidate group, but I don't belong to that group. I do see that the member should not have been alerted upon and then hidden for being in the group, posting pro group things.

I hope I am clear.

GDP OP write up from LA


Hot off the presses.Feel the Bern. Look and see who wrote it. Please go over!

Hot off the Presses-Feel the Bern LA


Aug 10, 2015 (LOS ANGELES, CA) The Bernie Sanders campaign came to the LA Memorial Sports arena. This was filled to capacity at 19 thousand people, with an overflow crowd of 10 thousand. If we include the stream we found, that would be an extra 3,237 people who watched from all over the country.

Don't forget to click on the links to read further articles.

Remember that Bernie had a fund raiser in Seattle

Yeah, right after Westlake.

Here it is!

At the Comet and it was $200 to have a microbrew with him!

One perspective on BLM

This video is from a Seatlle activist and his views of Westlake yesterday. He has been with many protests including Act Up which was all about agitation. Please watch.


Chad Goller-Sojourner is a Seattle-based writer, storyteller, solo-performer and recipient of a distinguished Washington State Arts Commission Performing Arts Fellowship. Most recently he served as the 2013 Ohio University Glidden Visiting Professor, where his work focused on the social, political and historical dimensions of multi-identity construction and intersectionality. In 2011 he was awarded both an Artist Trust Grant and Creative Artist Residency to further develop his sophomore solo show: Riding in Cars with Black People & Other Newly Dangerous Acts: A Memoir in Vanishing Whiteness.


He talks about using agitation and how it works. He also talks about how the Westlake event could have furthered their cause with an ask. This video is kind of rambly, but I liked it. He asks the person who is looking at a shut down to wonder why. In Seattle, shut downs usually mean another hour to an overly long commute so to not be annoyed with sitting in your car because of something...to ask yourself what the rage is about.

He aligns with my thoughts, which are that I have to take me, Artislife, out of being the one who is afflicted by this annoyance.

One thing I must add about this site in particular. I see many posters eager, yes, eager to jump all over posts that supports the conspiracy of a Rovian tactic being used and how Hillary is behind it and the jumpers are eager to point out how tinfoil hats Bernie supporters appear. But personally, I have posted many many times in favor of BLM and those who are not Bernie supporters are very quiet. Invisible. I see it with other posters like myself and it just adds to the illusion that agitation on this site is also very preferable.
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