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Thanks to the swarm. I hope your echo chamber is shocked when reality strikes.

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How is what he is saying personal.

I mean in the way you are implying. I feel he is being specific. Specific about Hillary and her husband. Guess what? She is running, he ran. They are a political individuals and a political team. How can one talk about the issues and how the candidate might/will handle/ has handled without being specific?

I think team h reminds me of Insurance companies. They want everyone to buy in, but they get to set the parameters on pricing, packaging, what's allowable, what is deemed necessary and what will be rejected.


"Shame on you"

Is this a meme, too?

It is a stupid one.
One of the factors is shame…and I think it’s a big one. Shame is used to verbally stop unwanted and undesirable behaviour. Shame is often used as a form of discipline. Of course, we don’t always see that this is the case.


The article is about the use of shame and disciplining children. I used this article because the feel of your and others posts has that feel of parent child. I am sure that is the intent of these posts as well.

It doesn't work and it is very weak in effect.
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