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Thanks to the swarm. I hope your echo chamber is shocked when reality strikes.

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White Millenial liberal Socialist dead beat bean sprout eaters

doing what they do.

What Began as a Get-Together for Bernie Fans Has Become a Three-Week Dance Party Called Bernie Man

The dance begins tomorrow, the 28th, spread between Kremwerk and Re-bar and featuring Natural Magic, Riz Rollins, Kadeejah Streets and many more. Then it's all live music (at the same venues) on November 4th: Tangerine, MASZER, Branden Daniel and The Chics, Marmalade, Fauna Shade, and so on. Then the following Wednesday it's hip-hop, R&B, house, and techno (Bernie's favorite style, let's assume) featuring The Physics, Gifted Lab, Sassyblack, WD4D, Pezzner, and more.

But how do you get tickets? Ah, that's where Bernie Man organizers have gotten clever. Part of Bernie's schtick is publicly resisting large donations (unless you're a labor PAC, in which case he'll gladly take your $100,000) so party-promoters won't be collecting checks and handing over a big lump sum. Instead, you'll need to donate $20 to Bernie's campaign yourself, and then bring your receipt for entry into one of the parties. Voila, instant grassroots!

Those disaffected, nonvoting, self centered grandchildren of hippies, vegan eating and xbox playing humans...

It is an interesting question.

Thank you for the link.

This is just my opinion and it is based on emotion, only..

I think if you feel the effects of your ethnicity, then it is your ethnicity.

My grandfather was born on the reservation in WI. His parents died by the time he was 7. He went to Indian School, which was pretty horrific in the scrubbing of tribal identity. (my brother found an article describing the intent and reality of Indian School--see the movie Rabbit Proof Fence-Au. it is pretty similar) My grandfather worked the summers on a local farm. He talked about being beaten if they didn't work hard enough. He ran away from school at the age of 16 and joined the Navy. This was 1919, Native Americans weren't citizens until 1924. He never went back. He was extremely abusive to my father who continued the cycle. When grandfather was close to 80, he lived in a vet home in Minneapolis. My brother decided they should take the day and go to Ashland WI and see the Rez. They weren't but 20 minutes in the car when my grandfather was shaking and crying. All he could say was "Bad, bad." My brother stopped the car and asked him if he wanted to go back to the Vet home. He did, and that was the end of that.

My family has felt the repercussions of being Native from the effects of self loathing and abuse that was instilled into my grandfather. I claim that ethnicity.

My grandmother came over on the train with her dad and brother when she was 3, from Mexico. She remembers her brother carrying her the 3 miles to the house they would live in. Being the only one of the family to learn and speak fluent English, she had a particular experience being Mexican in this society. Her Catholicism kept her married to a man that she would call "evil" on her deathbed. Her love and traditions are the one soft spot that I took comfort in my childhood.

My mother's people came from Ireland in 1848. The effects of famine, steerage passage and the NO IRISH allowed had all but faded. Only the drinking and the Catholicism stayed in my family dynamic . I really don't connect to that ethnicity...I just connect to the general whiteness of being in America.

Do you see what I mean? If a person feels the effects and unique experience of the ethnicity, then they are it. Being Black in this country will always, I feel, be attached to the horrific and vile history we, as a nation, has inflicted upon the race. Your family remembers the traditions and the emotions attached to those traditions from one side of the family? Claim the ethnicity. Society judges you, good or bad, claim the ethnicity. Doesn't matter, let it go and claim the generalness of it.

Funny how some will claim they are Heinz 57, but that usually just mean mixes of white on white. If they are Chinese and white mix, they then separate out the ethnicities.

Just my own thoughts.

I am Latina but pass as White

What I experience is different from what one of my brother experiences. What we all can do when we see racism in action and use our White Privilege to change this society one incident at a time.


Nothing is going to change unless we all are willing to change. We can accomplish so much when we join TOGETHER.

Ha ha ha ha

Bernie has been standing against the "go along to get along" patsy congress for his entire career. He has been fighting blue dog Dems, probably the slickest, slimiest and shape shifting bunch of people in politics. They don't have the honesty to stand where they stand and declare it.

You stand in line for hours, crowded into an over stuffed place and not bring home an iPhone or some Black Friday purchase.

We are there because we say "Fuck that Shit!"

Freddie Gray's mom is in so much pain


Gloria Darden, the mother of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old Baltimore man who died from extensive injuries sustained while he was in police custody last April, has attempted to take her own life, Baltimores WJZ reports.

Her pain is deeper than the ocean, my heart goes out to her and all her loved ones. I can not imagine the dispair.

*edited to add "in" and change an autocorrect. No more from the phone...

2013 and the call was made


Anyone who can take this and show the video is invited to do so and start their own OP! I would appreciate it.

Bernie or Bust Part III

If the arguments of part 2 is so very important and you are worried about voters dropping off in the general election, then there is only one thing to do.

Vote for Bernie in the primary.

H supporters are all on board to vote for the D on the ballot November 2016, Bernie has all the areas of concern covered, so this would be a guarenteed win for everyone .

This seems to be the least perilous course of action.

When will the Democratic Party ask itself why it is losing so many members?

The Democratic Party is in the business of selling.

But the crowds are not getting excited to come out for their Big Sales Event. Instead of wondering what is wrong with the consumers, why aren't they looking at the Made in China crap that they are trying to sell? It used to be fun to look at the Wish Book and pick and choose from all the Made in America merchandise and dream of the big day it got delivered.

Now we get a crap selection and it is thrown on the porch by a disgruntled Fed Ex guy.

What would the Democratic Party have to do to regain it's loyalty customers back?

I always vote

My state sends me a ballot each and every time along with a voter's pamphlet. It is so easy to sit and study the measurements, look up bios on judges and read about the candidates. It is a shame that every voter in every state doesn't have such an easy time voting.

NCtraveler said it was basically like White privilege to sit out the vote if unhappy with the candidates. Not each voter, but generally those who do not vote are of this class. And this poster is not the only one to post this viewpoint and I understand it.

Going back to my ballot, sometimes there is no information on candidates for some job at the Port or where ever. I used to just pick one based on name or intuition or closing my eyes and putting my finger down. About 7 or so elections ago, I thought about that. It was silly. So from then on, if I didn't know or saw no difference, I didn't mark that part of the ballot

Getting to White privilege or being unaffected by who is in office, I will state that I am a Latina Xer. I have no husband, no family wealth, run a business that keeps me fed and housed but not much else and I am empathetic to all who suffer.

We all have issues that are important to us. Scotus, women's rights, civil rights, income equality, ERA, food, climate, national security, veterans affairs, children, animals....you get my drift.

What happens is that we see the opponents as not being interested in our issue and we use that issue to instill fear if our candidate does not get elected. When the supporters do not "care enough" about our issue, we see them as selfish, greedy and privileged because they are not affected by our issue.

My issue? First-the health of the planet.

I think we have run elections, the government and this country in short term goals. We have done nothing that affects the land in terms of long term care. We have a crumbling infrastructure, contaminated ground water, poisonous food supply, a policing department that is geared to squelching the people instead of serving the people, wars against each new mushroom of terror that pops up around the world.

The issue is that this election is people looking at 8 years ahead or people looking at 100 years ahead.

Short term, any dem will do. It will help keep the crisis of electing a new Scotus member, keep Roe v Wade intact, maybe get some criminal justice for the genocide of the African American community and maybe get a few more dems elected down ticket.

Long term, one will do. There needs to be an incredible shift in the this country to actually challenge the structures in place in our energy platforms, our economic platforms, bio diversity, policing, foreign policy, education, civil rights, immigration due to war, climate change and the natural patterns of movement.

So when we are arguing with each other about this election and why we think one side is greedy and selfish and the other side is myopic and simplistic, we have to ask ourselves if we are 8 years ahead or 100 years ahead people. And remember that there is merit and shittiness to both visions.

LGBT Friendly? Pride School Atlanta to open


Looks to be the first LGBT school in the South. There is a video and they are asking for donations.

I may have been kind sh*tty in the GDP lately, so I am looking to do good on DU. I'm a friendly and I always think I like it when I help those causes that are not about me and my personal history. It is my way of walking in other people's shoes.

The suicide rate for LGBT teens is horribly high and I would assume that it may be tougher to be a LGBT youth in Atlanta v Seattle.

So please have a look, and if you can find some extra dollars, send them some money.
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