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Member since: Tue Jul 7, 2015, 05:17 PM
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Thanks to the swarm. I hope your echo chamber is shocked when reality strikes.

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But they are posting their displeasure

I have read it. Just link to the post or write in reply in agreement. It is the ownership factor, that is rubbing other members of the AA community wrong.I am actually trying to mediate for you because you are a good person but you are losing any effect you wish to make. It isn't about how you feel about West, or how some Blacks feel about West, it is about you speaking authoritatively that we all should feel the same way or shamed and to denounce it. And to stop him from being with Sanders.

Personally, I had a hard time responding to minorities and listening to their thoughts on BLM only to find out they were not minorities. It felt ---disingenuous. Dishonest. Speak from your own narrative.

Do this:
I don't like West. I don't like how hurt many members of the Black community were sucker punched when West went off on President...PRESIDENT Obama and created a new talking point. I have a mixed family and the effects of racism on my family members is constant, unrelenting and those who do it, don't need someone to help them do it more. I would love to see Sanders with someone else. Am I speaking out of turn or are their members of the community that agree with me? How does this impact you?

Instead of :
What you are doing.

Because when people speak their Truth and not what they think is someone else's Truth, it cannot be wrong. But when you start to be the spokesperson for a group and the entire group hasn't elected you, expect push back. From everyone.

TO CLARIFY: I am on the fence about West. I didn't think President Obama needed a kick in the ass so soon and so harshly. But I respect that my opinion is not the ONLY opinion. I can love some of the richness West has brought into our collective consciousness. I can be less than pleased about other...things.

What I believe to be the real issue

* this has been written and rewritten and what I really wanted to post is stuck in my One Note, probably never to see the light on this site.

Suffice to say. Having NonPoC lecture others of the effects of whatever to other people feels like a hijack. If there are no PoCs here willing or wanting to argue this point, then so be it.

I would hate to read this kind of thing in regards to Latinos. The way I would find it less ----patronizing, would be to ask for agreement from someone of the offended party.

There are PoC posters here who agree that West is "vile". Link to those posts and add on. If you feel he is "vile" say that, but don't start to speak for the group. The group, like most minorities have gut reaction to having someone from the majority explain their reactions or emotions. We are all perfectly capable of explaining our own experience, there is no need for a third party to interpret it for the masses.

And I like the poster, I just don't think this has crossed her mind.

And by the numerous OPs and posts

I am quite sure that either you don't read the replies to queries or you don't understand them.

Q. Why is the sky blue?

A. A clear cloudless day-time sky is blue because molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light. When we look toward the sun at sunset, we see red and orange colors because the blue light has been scattered out and away from the line of sight.

Q. Why is the sky blue?

A. Uh, see answer above.

Q. Why is the sky blue?

A. Well the first answer is perfect, but I will tell you how I would say it in other words. The sky appears to be blue because it is the way the light reacts to our eyes. That information is then sent to our brain and it interprets it in such a way.

Q. Why is the sky blue?

A. It is true that the sky being blue depends on many factors. If someone is color blind, is their blue the same as the standardized definition of blue? And if that is established, how do they establish it?

Q Why is the sky blue?

A. I don't care what color the sky is. I care that the sky has oxygen and an ozone layer.

Q. Why is the sky blue?

A. REALLY?? Because God likes that color best. stomps off

Q. Why is the sky blue?

A. I question your curiosity to why the sky is blue.

Q. Why is the sky blue?

A. It's blue just to mess with your mind.

Q. Why is the sky blue?

A. In this dimension or the one you inhabit?

Q. Why is the sky blue?

A. Asked and answered. Next.

Bernie addressing the racism against Latinos

using us as the fall guy to why the economy collapsed.

The Syrian Crisis started by climate change


Why were Syrians flooding into cities, that caused an overload on water, jobs and opportunities. This caused a protest by a small handful of youth....

Is this really what is behind all the migration that is happening out of the Middle East and Africa? We, as a nation and as a part of the posperous West, owe these migrants/refugees a lot. We destroyed the climate.

Had to do my first block email

I got two emails last night from a newly booted (again) member who likes vanilla. Ha!

But watched the new Feel the Bern video and feel so sorry for H supporters who don't have a candidate that inspires this much excitement.

Minnesota Ojibwa take on the pipeline


The 1855 Treaty Authority argues that the state laws violate rights that the Ojibwe were guaranteed under treaties signed between the tribe and the U.S. government in the 1800s. Those treaties ceded Ojibwe lands to the United States, but protected the Natives' rights to hunt, fish and gather off the reservation, the group claims.


The lawyer and others affiliated with the tribe want to push their case even further, however, asserting their treaty rights as a means of stopping oil and gas pipelines. The proposed route of the Sandpiper project, part of an aggressive expansion of pipelines in the region by Canadian oil company Enbridge, runs near the White Earth Nation, while the older Minnesota Pipe Line already crosses the area. Some Ojibwe worry that these pipelines could permanently pollute the land, water and food that has sustained their people for generations.

"What we want to do ultimately, beyond the rights to hunt, fish and gather, is really to protect our environment," said Bibeau. "We are facing four different kinds of pipeline projects right now through Northern Minnesota, through the lakes, rivers and even the headwaters of the Mississippi."

My grandfather was from the Redcliff Reservation of Ojibwas in Wisconsin. He is the one who ran away to the Navy and later married my Mexican grandmother.

Why we need to worry about Monsanto and other Toxins

This is a very GRAPHIC video


Just click on the blue button and it will take you to the vimeo site to watch.

It is also in Spanish but the images are compelling and the words like toxins is easily understood.

Common Dreams: H Real problem,emails are symptom

Those who point out that by insisting on having her own email, she played into a narrative that has plagued her throughout her career are getting at the real problem for her – and us. It highlights the fact that she is secretive, distrustful, entitled, and politically opaque.


Ms. Clinton’s pursuit of the presidency is like a Shakespearian tragedy which has been defined as a story "… which has a noble protagonist, who is flawed in some way, placed in a stressful heightened situation and ends with a fatal conclusion."

New pro Sanders article by Native American in Seattle

I posted in GDP, but it might sink.

I think he sums up this Latina's (and I am1/4th Ojibwa Native,too) feelings about Westlake since the beginning. It is very thoughtful and very pro Sanders at the same time.

Please check it out, thanks!
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