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Feeling the Bern

Feeling the Bern's Journal
Feeling the Bern's Journal
December 30, 2016

The 10 (American) Cities With the Highest HIV Rates

Amazingly, out of the top ten cities, nine are in red states.

Out the states, two states of multiple entries. . .and both are red, "abstinence only" states.

Who woulda thunk?

December 29, 2016

So I opened a twitter account and I made mistakes dealing with Twitter and Trumpers (need help)

1: I posted my photo as me. Bad idea. I noticed that all these trumpers do is attack what they see. Apparently, since I'm "fat" an "ugly," I am also stupid and need to learn something.

2: I posted my place of employment's website (the film production company). The CEO and my fellow producers started getting hate mail on the "email us" accounts demanding the "unAmerican kite get fired or they will boycott our Jew liberal movies." After all, I abandoned the US for "Chinaland, bought my (racist name for Chinese people) wife and write Chinese propaganda." Misspelling is on purpose. My boss and the rest of the producers (I am one of them) got a good laugh out of it. I was told to watch what I say because my boss knows how much of a pitbull I am both in the movie realm and in the political realm (I slice right wing talent to pieces the second they open their mouths). So I changed the website to:


I wonder how many will click it?

December 26, 2016

Never bringing a political toy knife to a real political gun fight. Time to use their playbook

Yes, I'm sick of Democrats always talking about the high road and getting their legs cut out from under them.

"We lost, but at least we were polite and respectful." FUCK THAT NOISE!!!

It's time to use their shit against them. No mercy, no quarter. And no let up.

I know their playbook and I know how to use it against them.

Their playbook is the following:

1: Lie, then lie about lying -- just keep hitting with facts until:
2: Call you the typical angry liberal -- now it's insult time: Call the typical brain dead asshole conservatard and then you get:
3: Tell you "I know liberals where supposed to be tolerant." -- them the you are intolerant to nazis, sexists, racists, etc, until:
4: They say they aren't a nazi/sexist/racist/bigot -- tell them they voted for one and that's all you need.

And if their lackeys in the media like Fuckie Toad, Wolf the Douche, or anyone at Fox News tries to put their passive aggressive whining, nail them with their shit too.

Hit hard, hit repeatedly, hit with force and don't stop hitting until there is nothing left of the body.

Hit below the belt. Hit from behind! Time to show them the same respect they show us.

Usually now, they are drooling on themselves. Keep hitting them. Call them anti-American and give a list of reasons way.

Call them America hating and give them a list of reasons way.

Tell them to leave the country if they hate it here so much. Give them a list of libertarian, socially conservative places that are Christian theocracies: Uganda could be good.

Accuse them of being invaders and that they support the murder of native Americans.

FUCK, use their fucking playbook again them! It isn't hard!

December 18, 2016

Good liberals in Denver must be proud of their War on Homeless People Mayor

Denver, CO – After Mayor Michael Hancock released a statement on Saturday, December 10th, about a supposed policy change to the confiscations of people’s survival gear including blankets and tents, over twenty five news outlets have praised him for this apparent temporary winter-month “end” to confiscations including 9News and CBS Denver.

As we outlined in our last article about the sweeps, and what these news outlets are failing to report on, is that the mayor’s statement does not end the confiscations of people’s survival gear. The only change in policy is that the police have been told they cannot take people’s property as evidence while enforcing the unauthorized camping ban, but they can continue taking people’s property while enforcing the encumbrance ordinance. Denver police (DPD) are still enforcing policies which give them the power to confiscate belongings, move people along, and criminalize people without housing–all under the encouragement and approval of Mayor Hancock.


This POS asshole needs to resign now! I mean now!

And if this is what modern Democrats do and want to do and support, we deserve to lose. I am fucking disgusted at this shit. Aren't we a fucking proud country!

It's bad enough people are homeless (including veterans, which is a God damned disgrace X1,000,000), but the fact that cities have declared the acts homeless people do to survive is beyond disgraceful. I knew this would happen with cities started passing laws outlawing panhandling.

Primary this motherfucker, Denver! And primary any "Democrat" who thinks this a good idea.
December 18, 2016

Singer Andrea Bocellis fans threaten boycott if he performs at Trump inauguration

Source: Raw Story

Andrea Bocelli is rumored to sing at Donald Trump’s inauguration next month, and not all of his fans are happy about it.

Though Bocelli has neither confirmed nor denied the reports that he will perform a duet with “America’s Got Talent” singer Jackie Evancho at the event, some of his fans have started a “Boycott Bocelli” movement should the Italian singer join in welcoming the President-elect to the White House on Jan. 20.

Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/2016/12/singer-andrea-bocellis-fans-threaten-boycott-if-he-performs-at-trump-inauguration/comments/#disqus

Say goodbye to your career, Trump licker!
December 16, 2016

I go after Trumpers and Conservaturds hard now (facebook pic heavy) FtB for the WIN!

Here is the article that started the exchange. I challenged one of my badge licking, cops can do no wrong, Obama is the devil, go Trump fraternity brothers who is a police officer to defend the indefensible. When I post things about cops doing awful shit, I ask him to defend it. Normally, he finds the most arcane crap in the world.

Again, if people don't like how I conduct myself in arguing, I refuse to take roads anymore. I will use the same tactics they use on us. It throws them off their game. Difference is they use lies with their tactics, I use facts.

We are both Jewish and espouse the "help the poor" attitudes. I am pretty much daring him to take the bait. He does, naturally; hook, line, and sinker.

First tactic is to accuse me of not reading the article. Smackdown #1. I read it and knew every word.
Second tactic is to go the "the law is the law and you must obey." Now, it's all about the spider playing with the fly.

Police maintain law and order. My response to that is at the bottom of the photo. Remember to submit, conform and obey.
Oh, then we get the "homeless people had more money than I have" shit. Michael Savage says that a lot. The welfare queen argument. . .so thoroughly debunked, I will not waste my time or bandwidth even acknowledging it.

Now, it's time to go in for the kill about "the law is the law." Remember, slavery was the law too. So was the fugitive slave act, the Indian Removal Act, the Chinese Exclusion Act, Jim Crow laws. . .police must enforce laws.

Law and order. Maybe we should just cancel our rights as Americans and accept fascism, statism and authoritarianism completely.

Time for the Trumper to go to the old reliable ace up the sleeve: The "this is a huge leap argument." Also, time to pull out I am a bigot because "not all cops are bad."

I expected this. . .I love the statistic used. 98% of cops are good. No evidence, no verifiable statistics that can be cross checked and referenced. Just a number pulled out of the ass. These Trumper law and order people don't seem to understand that cops, by nature of their jobs, must be held to a higher standard. One bad story is one too many.

Time to bring up "sodomy" and "interracial marriage" laws are gone so your argument is irrelevant. Failed to understand I am using his "the law is the law." Remember, women were beaten and imprisoned for trying to vote in this country before 1920.

Now, I hate using Wikipedia, but I brought up the Nazi laws for the homeless. I used wikipedia because it was really late here in Asia, I am an insomniac but I didn't want to do heavy research. Remember, we don't mark the homeless.

We just fine them, then imprison them for failing to pay the fine, thus giving them a criminal record, making them even more unemployable because most employers won't hire a homeless person because good old American propaganda has brainwashed people into thinking the homeless are all addicts, alcoholics, or have mental/emotional problems. Now we have that propaganda, along with a criminal record. Way to fucking kick people when they are down.

Finally, he makes the wrong statement in his last bullshit attempt to save face: Because the are too poor to pay the fine, we should give them a pass.

No, asshole. Police should use discretion and impart spirit of law. This "anti-camping" law is solely designed to make the actions of homeless people illegal, like anti-loitering and anti-panhandling laws. You can't make being homeless illegal, just make their actions needed to survive illegal.

So I lowered the boom on police enforcing bad laws and not using the discretion in enforcement.

One of my old high school buddies, who is just as as much of moonbat as me (he works as an environmental scientist as was a delegate at the DNC this year) chimes in.

HE also related that he missed his train at Penn Station in NYC and had to wait a few hours to get another one. So he took his stuff and sat on a bench and fell asleep waiting. A nazi NYPD officer took his baton, hit his feet and told him to move along because my buddy could be arrested for vagrancy. My buddy went off, pulled out his wallet, pulled out his DNC delegate credentials, pulled out his train ticket then told the fucking officer to get his sargeant and his lieutenant all the while taping it on his phone.

I watched it. My buddy go the officer's name and badge number and wouldn't let the officer go until the supervisor came. The back peddling was so fun to watch. I told my buddy he could do that because he's white. If he were black, he's be shot.

Then I told him about 24 hour fast food places in China. You realize here, people sleep there all the time. The restaurants don't kick people out for vagrancy and a lot of time, the places give those sleeping there something to eat and drink (24 Hour McDonalds and KFC here in China do that all the time). And this is authoritarian China.

HE then said he remembered watching a video about Ai Wei Wei and his supporters complaining when the Chinese police hit them. HE started laughing and said, if were the States, the cops would have shot them, then planted drugs and a gun on them and come up with a CYA of "I was in fear of my life."

My wife said that she did that twice in University because she couldn't get back to her dormitory because she didn't have enough for the taxis. I said that would get you arrested in the States. She then asked me how can Americans truly call themselves free if you can arrested for everything? I said "propaganda is always effective in bullshitting an ignorant population. Look at you. You people still think Mao was a great man. . a man who caused the murder and death of over 100 million people in his life." She just turned back to the TV and said "I said it before. Chinese cops are useless. American cops are dangerous. I'd rather have useless than dangerous."

After all the shit that has happened that I've mentioned, including Freddie Gray, the DaPL protests and what these cops bastards are doing in Denver, I can't help but agree.

Anyway, how did I do dealing with Trumper?

December 16, 2016

With Assfaced Shitgibbon as our new overlord, I am expecting quotes like this over the next four yrs

01. Universal education is the most corroding and disintegrating poison that liberalism has ever invented for its own destruction.
02. The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force.
03. The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.
04. Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.
05. The Liberal State is a mask behind which there is no face; it is a scaffolding behind which there is no building.
06. Socialism is a fraud, a comedy, a phantom, a blackmail.
07. To read too many books is harmful.
08 I am responsible only to God and history.
09. Politics is when you say you are going to do one thing while intending to do another. Then you do neither what you said nor what you intended.
10. Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.
11. I don't care if they respect me so long as they fear me.
12. I want you to know that everything I did, I did for my country.
13. I am the object of criticism around the world. But I think that since I am being discussed, then I am on the right track.
14. To sum it all up, I must say that I regret nothing

December 15, 2016

I don't know about you, but everyday, my anger gets worse and nothing will assuage it (rant time)

1: Police are the lowest of the low. Between taking blankets from the homeless (Denver), doing the bidding of corporations (DaPL), killing unarmed senior citizens (Bakersfield), threatening arrest for everything (ND Restaurant), killing black people (too numerous to mention), and flat just being corrupt (Albuquerque), my tolerance for all of them (and I mean all of them) is at an all time low. They don't care about rights. . .they are nothing more that the tax supported goon squad with military weapons designed to keep the rabble in check. Don't worry though, they will investigate themselves and find they did nothing wrong. But if they do go to trial, nothing will happen because;

2: American people are just fucking worthless these days. Liberals are more concerned with ideological purity to notice the country is two steps away from being a corporate police state where civil rights are a fucking joke. Conservatives are too stupid to realize that they are being played by their masters and will lose as much as everyone else when the police state is permanent. We've starved our education system to the point of it being skin and bones (but wars on drugs and prisons always have money) so we've raised a generation of imbeciles. And they all blame the teachers, which leads to;

3: School administrators are the second lowest form of life, since they are nothing more than yes men for their corporate and political masters. They do next to nothing and will gladly throw a teacher under the bus if they do not toe the party line. Don't agree? One teacher made a comparison between the language of Assfaced Shitgibbon and Hitler, simply using words. Words that are almost the same if you've studied WW2, as this teacher was an expert in. Suspended, because some Trumper went nuts. Which leads to;

4: Jill Stein, who has played every Green Party supporter for a fool. Sorry, it's true. I support her positions, but she is not anything worthwhile at all. With that say, she came around because of;

5: Butthurt Democrats who either stayed home on election day, or voted third party because they didn't get their way. Don't worry the, the Democrats that are in power are the most spineless people in the world. Because instead of being Democrats, they triangulate and become GOP lite, which leads to me bitching about;

6: White blue collar workers who voted Trump thinking their problems are caused by Mexicans, Muslims, gays, Jews, Asians and an other non-white, non-Christian group. Remember, these people supported social programs from the New Deal and Great Society until 1964 when minorities started getting that help, then they turned;

7: Libertarian, which is just Ayn Rand euphemistic language for greedy, selfish asshole. Because if there is one thing that a lot of Americans are good at being, it's greedy, selfish;

8: And stupid, like the 45% of Americans who were complete dumbasses and refused to vote at all. People fought and died for that right to vote. I've lived in dictatorial countries. I live in China now, where no one votes. People have killed and died for the right to vote and Americans don't have the fucking energy to get off their fat, McDonald's eating asses and vote. Shit, you don't even have to do that. Vote absentee, like I do and have since I moved overseas, which leads me to:

9: Any dipshit that tells me that because I live overseas, I have no right to bitch and complain. Fuck you! I didn't lose my citizenship because I moved to another country. Guess what? My wife has her green card. She's going to bitch too. And she will go for her citizenship too. Fuck anyone who tells me that I lost my American ability to bitch about things. Moving along to:

10: People who think that because I "feel the Bern," I need to be nice to people because Bernie is. Sorry. . .Bernie needs to take whatever bullshit his handed his way and deal with it in a respectful manner. I am a writer, historian, and producer of films in Asia. I don't need to do that. I am a private citizens. I support Bernie's positions and people like him (Gabbard, Kucinich, my Congresscritter Raul G from Tucson, Wyden, Whitehouse, Brown, etc), but I will go full pitbull attack dog on people in a second. I don't care about consensus building. I want to smash the otherside with so many bricks to the head that their positions are left bleeding in the moonlight. I am tired of my side taking the fucking high rode, getting the legs chopped out from underneath us and the looking down at those who use the GOP and tea-party's tactics against them. Nice guys finish last. "We they go low, we go high" means "we are too spineless to take them on on their level, so they will go low and at least we can look ourselves in the mirror while we lick our wounds after getting our asses handed to us in every election pretty much since 2010."Which finally, leads to:

11: These fucking Christian fundie assholes that mask their racism, nativism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, authoritarianism, fascism, and bullshit in the Bible. Look, I know Christmas is the most important day in the entire world. I'm not a fucking Christian. I don't fucking celebrate it. I am tired of being looked at like a God damned leper for not embracing Jesus. My wife is Buddhist. I guess, in today's America, we're unworthy of living there, she should lose her green card, and I should lose my citizenship. Remember: JEW S A! JEW S A! JEW S A! And I've seen a lot of apologists for anti-Semitism everywhere. I guess I should have just put myself into the ovens. And my wife should have let the Japanese murder her too. Then, there would be more good Christians. JEW S A! JEW S A! JEW S A! Swastikas on parks, Temples, Synagogues, Homes. . .oh, and let's not forget my Mohawk mother who gets told, because she is very dark skinned to "go back where she came from because America is for white people." Where the fuck should she go? Irondequoit? Lockport? Buffalo? Oneida County? My mother's family was in this country when white people were drilling holes in people's heads to relieve headaches and bleeding people to remove "bad humors" in the blood. Yes, she speaks fucking Iroquois language too. FLUENTLY!!! She was told to speak English many times. I know a little, so I know when my mother is insulting people in Iroquois. One of her favorites was "you are a little one that sits on your mother's crotch!" I forget how to write it now because I haven't spoken or heard her speak in 20 years. But, since we are also Jewish, I guess I must be as good as others. Remember, No Irish Need Apply: Rum, Romanism and Rebellion, No Japs, No Blacks, No Mexicans, Job unavailable to vowel ending last names (Italians, etc). . .and in America, "Z" is a vowel. Like Lipshitz, Horowitz, Mankewitz.

As you can see, I am pissed. Fuck Assfaced Shitgibbon. He's a symptom. He's the effect. If people want to really see the cause, all you need to is go into the bathroom and look in a mirror. We did this to ourselves. We allowed it to happen.

I don't care if people are angry at my posts saying nazi girls in Scottsdale need to be beaten for making swastikas on a Jewish "friend's" birthday cupcakes. I don't care if people disagree with my assessment that the common man shouldn't have as much influence as they do, because Hamilton was right and Jefferson/Jackson were wrong. I don't care if people don't like my caustic language. And I really don't care if I cause butthurt. I am not violating the rules of this website by ranting. You are free to block me. I block people too. But I am pissed and the American electorate, media, police, and attitudes are the reason.

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