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Feeling the Bern

Feeling the Bern's Journal
Feeling the Bern's Journal
August 22, 2015

How To Get Away With Bigotry In Just 3 Words: “It’s My Faith”

On Wednesday night, the city of Houston, Texas passed an ordinance banning discrimination based on, among other characteristics, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, sex, nationality, age, religion, disability, pregnancy, and military status. Given the sweeping nature of the measure, it will undoubtedly have real, positive effects for people who are marginalized or discriminated against simply because of who they are.

Welcome to Idiot America.
August 22, 2015

Dear ODS sufferer: You just wasted a decade of you life. From DailyKos

Lots of you continue to get unhinged emails from people on Facebook, your drunk uncle, and various Tea Party relatives. Here's a gentle response to them....

Pretty soon Obama will be gone and you will have to face up to the fact that you will have lost a whole decade of your life passing around conspiracy theories and whipping yourself into a frenzy of hatred. All of you lost friends, severed relationships with family members, and some of you even lost your job or your marriage due to your unhinged behavior.

You lost that decade wailing about Obama the gay Communist Muslim narcissist dictator who was going to let the UN invade America and various hoaxes like "death panels," birth certificates, Iraq's WMDs, and the "Ground Zero Mosque" (remember how you wasted two years of your life over that?). Just think of what you could have accomplished if you hadn't wasted all that time. You could have gotten a college degree, you could have written a book, you could have run your first marathon, you could have built a boat and sailed it around the world. You could learned to speak another language - oh wait, you never would have done that.

You ODS sufferers are assholes.
August 22, 2015

The Verdict is in: Guess Who's The Worst President in US History? -- Guess who?

Americans of all stripes love to debate which president was best or worst. This is a subject that is too important to rely on opinion polls, which are skewed by individual bias and political views. While It's difficult to rate how good or bad any president may have been in comparison to another, a careful look at the facts shows one president failed in virtually every aspect of the job to a degree unrivaled by any other.

When you review the facts below and consider his impact on our economy, foreign policy, and domestic policy, by almost any standard, it’s difficult to find any president who did more harm and left the country in worse shape than George W. Bush.

At the same time that Bush was leaving office with a 28% job approval rating, 61% of historians rated George W. Bush's presidency as the worst in history. In another, informal survey of 109 professional historians, 98.2% judged the Bush presidency as a failure while a mere 1.8% classified it as a success.

Read more on the biggest waste of space to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania.
August 22, 2015

Donald Trump rally draws 20,000 white people in mostly black Alabama town

Source: Daily News Bin

Donald Trump held one of the larger rallies of the 2016 election in Mobile Alabama on Friday night, drawing a crowd that was claimed by attendees to be as large as forty thousand in size, though the half empty venue suggests it may have been closer to twenty thousand people. The outsider candidate for President is currently the republican frontrunner, and is touting the event as a sign that his candidacy – which many in the mainstream consider a joke – is to be taken seriously. He posted a picture of the rally as evidence. One problem: literally everyone in the crowd is white, even though Mobile is a majority black city.

Read more: http://www.dailynewsbin.com/news/donald-trump-rally-draws-40000-white-people-in-mostly-black-alabama-town/21791/

What has my country become when people embrace an asshole like Trump?
August 17, 2015

history of the Pledge


In 1954, in response to the Communist threat of the times, President Eisenhower encouraged Congress to add the words "under God," creating the 31-word pledge we say today. Bellamy's daughter objected to this alteration. Today it reads:

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."
August 16, 2015

I'm watching Golden Girls and I miss Bea Arthur

She was great. So was Estelle Getty.

I will lose it when Betty White leaves us!

August 15, 2015

Why do they teach?

Never for the money, as many more jobs pay a lot more. Starting average salary for a teacher nationwide is around 32K, while the average salary is around 44K.

Never for fame. What fame? Teachers are never going to be famous.

Never for respect. Those that control the system crap on teachers everyday (Arne Duncan's "teachers are the bottom of the barrel," Chris Christie's "I want to punch teacher's unions," Saran Palin's mocking of eduction, etc) and do it with little regard.

Never for prestige. Parents, so many times, view teachers are the enemy, especially if a teacher challenges preconceived notions.

Never for honesty, as no teacher can be 100% honest with people. No teacher can tell a parent they are worthless, even if they are. No teacher can tell the administration their policies hurt students. No teacher can tell a politician that their nonsense is destroying the classroom.

Never for kudos. Everyone knows how to teach, even if they never stepped foot in the classroom.

Why do these people do the job? Why do they do the most thankless job on the planet?

Because they are a special breed. They are a special type of person. Ones that sacrifice the best years of their lives so your children can have a good future in the face of everyone working to destroy everything. Because they are what America strives to be. Because they are selfless, dedicated and caring.

Because we are exactly what we are: Teachers. And when it all works right, it is the most beautiful feeling ever.

Like I said, when it works right, your heart just melts.

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