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Feeling the Bern

Feeling the Bern's Journal
Feeling the Bern's Journal
October 30, 2016

Sanders among five senators asking Obama to order Dakota pipeline review

Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and four other U.S. senators on Thursday called on President Barack Obama to order a comprehensive environmental review of a pipeline project that has stirred widespread opposition from Native Americans and environmental activists.

After a federal appeals court on Sunday night denied a request to halt construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, the senators asked Obama to direct the Army Corps of Engineers to complete a full environmental impact statement, including stronger tribal consultation, for a contested part of the route.

"The project’s current permits should be suspended and all construction stopped until a complete environmental and cultural review has been completed for the entire project," said the letter by Sanders and Democratic Senators Dianne Feinstein, Ed Markey, Patrick Leahy and Benjamin Cardin.

We don't deserve a man like Bernie!

I will support this man in everything he says and does! Loves me some Bernie and have for years!

Stop this fucking pipeline now!
October 30, 2016

Outrage: Pipeline Police Strip-Searched Native Girl, Threw Her Naked Into Cell

As the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline continue to escalate, the crackdown from law enforcement has grown harsher and harsher. Hundreds have been arrested by Morton County police, many of them without charge, and have had their civil rights violated by shockingly cruel police officers, who are sexually humiliating their prisoners by strip-searching them and leaving them naked in their cells.

Link here

The governments still treat native Americans like shit. My mother is full blooded Iroquois. She said all the time: "never trust anything white government promises or says."

I think women, black people, latinos and Native Americans should all stand together. The Chinese in the US too. . .remember the Chinese Exclusion Act.

I took after my father's side of the family (the German side), so I look white. My brother is solidly native American in appearance. So many times no one thought we were brothers.
October 27, 2016

My mother just had a stroke

no warning signs, no nothing. Just slumped over in her desk chair at her computer. 64 years old. Currently at University Medical Center.

What makes this worse? I am such an outcast in my family that if I didn't see my brother's facebook posting about it, I would never have known. She had her stroke Sunday night. It is now Wednesday night in the States.

Any reconciliation between my father and I died this week.

October 20, 2016

Trump always makes his opinions two name words: Lyin Ted, Crooked Hillary, Lil Marco.

In two words, do it for him. DUers are creative. . .and yes, you can swear in it too, as I will in my two.

Donnie Dipshit
Donnie Dickhead

October 20, 2016

Donnie Dipshit said one thing in this debate that was true and I agree with

The legal immigration system in this country sucks, is inefficient and is broken.

It shouldn't take seven years to get citizenship. . .and it shouldn't two-to-five years to get a green card that isn't sponsored through an HB1 visa.

I know this for a fact. . .my wife and I are going through the bullshit of getting her green card now (she is a Chinese national) and the State Department, INS and the others agencies we need to deal with are just incomprehensible in their red tape, bullshit and inability to be helpful. They literally fight every step of the way. She's doing it through a K3 spouse visa.

BUT. . .if she did it through a work visa (HB-1), it would talk three months.

Then there's the insane fees. It will cost close to $3000 to get her green card. Citizenship costs $500. This is disgusting.

We need comprehensive LEGAL immigration reform.

October 19, 2016

I need to say it. All Lives Matter is bullshit (rant to help a friend on FB)

A friend of mine got into an argument with an ALM idiot. I had to come to her defense.

All Lives Matter is bullshit. To these white assholes, not all lives matter.

1: Black lives don't matter. They are thugs.
2: Jewish lives don't matter. They killed Christ
3. Muslim lives don't matter. They are terrorists
4. Mexican lives don't matter. They deserve to die in the desert because they are illegals.
5. Chinese lives don't matter. They are communists
6. Homeless people's lives don't matter. They are moochers
7. AIDS victims in Africa lives don't matter. They are black.
8. Haitian victims of natural disasters lives don't matter. See #7.
9. Native American lives don't matter. They never really did,
10. North Korean lives don't matter. See #5.
11. Starving children in Africa's lives don't matter. See #7.
12. Victims of the drug war lives don't matter. They are not white.

They only started screaming All Lives Matter to attempt to destroy a movement to stop racist cops from killing black people and getting away with it.

All Lives Matter people need to put their sheets on and stop the pretense. They don't care about All Lives. They only lives they care about are white lives. And any black person, minority, etc, that scream All Lives Matter are Uncle Ruckas.

Did I miss a group these idiot ALM people forgot don't matter to them?
October 17, 2016

I'm ashamed to be a Buffalo Bills fan today, actually ashamed to be an NFL fan today

So, I bleed the colors of the Buffalo Bills being from Upstate New York. I was there through the lean years of the 1980s, the four losing Super Bowls, the Music City Miracle (it was still a forward pass) and these last 16 years of craptacular playoff-less football.

Today, I am officially ashamed of being a fan of the sport. Not because of the right wing idiots that play(ed) it like the Mannings, and Tom Brady and Thurman Thomas and Mike Ditka. For some reason, the NFL attracts the most obnoxious tea baggers ever.

For the first time since he began his protest against racial injustice in the U.S. by kneeling during the national anthem, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started a regular-season game Sunday against the Bills. As expected, some fans who clearly do not agree with his protest are not giving him a warm welcome at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo.

They showed up with some vulgar and inappropriate signs, including one that depicted a gun target on Kaepernick's chest.

Give me a God damned break

Here are two of the "patriotic shirts" that were sold in Orchard Park today.

One is condoning murder of someone you disagree with. MURDER!!!

The other is actually telling someone to NOT exercise their 1st amendment rights. "Stand Up and Shut Up." These NFL fans are disgusting. They love the country, but hate the 1st amendment. They can protest Obamacare, but protesting a red, white and blue piece of cloth or a damn song is treason. Some were actually hoping the Bills would late hit Kap and end his career, not even once thinking about the fact this is the man's job and he uses it to feed, clothe and provide a house for his family.

WTF have we become? We have a presidential candidate that wants to jail his opponent, and his idiot followers want to cripple or kill someone they disagree with because why?

Let me explain something to you teabagging jackholes. . .the 1st amendment protection of free speech is meant to protect unpopular speech. Shit, even hate speech is protected. Ask the Klan in Skokie, IL and those assholes from Westboro Baptist Church. Also, the first amendment gives people the right to assemble peacefully and to petition to redress grievances, which is what Kap is doing. You asswipes are being violent and condoning violence, which is NOT protected speech.

But I guess you right wing shitstains still think you have a monopoly on what is considered patriotic. It's amazing that a movement that has been traditionally on the wrong side of history (supporting slavery, segregation, against worker's rights, women's rights, environmental laws, safety standards, public education, etc) would think they know what this country is and stands for.

One Buffalo Bills fan said Kap was destroying the country that by challenging everything Americans hold dear. I don't know about you, but I do not hold the anthem or the flag dear. The constitution, yes! The Bill of Rights, also yes. The other two things. . .nope, nope, nope.

Another Bills fan bitched that Kap was shitting in the face of the police officers protecting him (while the officer was saluting during the anthem when Kap took a knee silently). See, the officers MUST salute, apparently. Nowhere does it say in law that I must stand and take off my hat for a song. See, I can CHOOSE to do so, or I can CHOOSE not to do so! As for telling me police protect my rights. . .HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Sorry, I'm not laughing at you. Well, yes I am, and at your ignorance.

If you think police protect you, let me introduce you to this guy: Walter DeLeon

Thanks to Los Angeles’ finest, Walter DeLeon has lost a quarter of his skull, almost all his eyesight, the ability to walk, and his life is in shambles.

In June of this year, DeLeon, 49, was on his regular evening walk to a nearby park when LAPD Officer Cairo Palacios “feared for his life” and shot him in the head.

He needed help and went to the police. Below are before and after photos of him.

Kap is right, NFL fans are wrong and I am ashamed to support my team after they blew out the 49ers 45-16. I'm sure the rest of you might feel the same or similar for different reason.
October 15, 2016

Trump: If Clinton falls in China, 'they'll just leave her there' - PRC has no good Samaritan laws

Donald Trump on Thursday slammed Hillary Clinton, saying the Democratic nominee does not have the strength to serve in the White House.

"When she's over in China, if she goes down, in Tiananmen Square, they'll just leave her there," Trump said during a rally Thursday in Ohio.

"They're tough people. They're just going to leave her there. They're not going to help her up. They'll say 'Let her come up when she's ready.' These are tough people."

Trump has questioned whether Clinton has the stamina to serve as president many times in the past.

He knows nothing about China

Now, it's time to educate people. China has no good Samaritan laws. If someone falls and you help them, they can claim you pushed them and hurt them. As such, that person can sue you for damages. My wife always tells me to wife my impulse to help people like that because she doesn't want us sued.

It isn't they are tough, asshole. No one wants to go to court and lose because they did something good. Learn about a place before you talk, shit for brains.
October 15, 2016

We knew it would happen: At Long Last, Trump Blames The Jews For His Failed Campaign.

We knew this was coming. It came in his speech tonight.

Donald Trump lashed out at global elites who undermine American sovereignty through “international banks” — and many observers couldn’t help but notice the underlying anti-Semitic message.

Throughout the speech, Trump used harsh language that evoked old and ugly anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about international bankers who supposedly infiltrate national governments and control the global agenda. Citing recent Clinton campaign emails published by WikiLeaks, Trump told the crowd that "Clinton meets in secret with international banks in order to plot the destruction of US sovereignty." Echoing the rhetoric of Alex Jones and other conspiracy theorists, Trump repeatedly referred to "globalists" as the true enemy and Clinton as their handmaiden.

From Dailykos

The transformation of the GOP from a legitimate party to a fringe fascist enterprise is complete!

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