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The Polack MSgt

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Appalachia
Home country: USA
Current location: Prairie
Member since: Tue Jun 30, 2015, 08:04 AM
Number of posts: 8,883

Journal Archives

Thank you Videohead for the Elvis C. yesterday

Got me thinking of his funky side.

Here he is with the Roots:

Here he is with the Imposters:
Posted by The Polack MSgt | Tue May 29, 2018, 10:09 AM (1 replies)

Today is set aside to remember those who died in wartime service to our nation.

Sober and reflective public statements by Government and Military leaders are issued.
Flags Are lowered to half staff, gravesites are cleaned and flags are presented by service Organizations such as the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Which of the following statements fit this narrative?

Example 1:
Happy Memorial Day! Those who died for our great country would be very happy and proud at how well our country is doing today. Best economy in decades, lowest unemployment numbers for Blacks and Hispanics EVER (& women in 18years), rebuilding our Military and so much more. Nice!

Example 2:
We can never truly repay the debt we owe our fallen heroes. But we can remember them, honor their sacrifice, and affirm in our own lives those enduring ideals of justice, equality, and opportunity for which generations of Americans have given that last full measure of devotion.

Everyday I find that he can indeed go lower. There seems to be no actual bottom in this barrel after all.
Posted by The Polack MSgt | Mon May 28, 2018, 12:50 PM (9 replies)

All the people saying that the NFL protest rules are Un-American

Are completely wrong.

A group of old white billionaires deciding how the rest of us live is American as it gets
Posted by The Polack MSgt | Fri May 25, 2018, 01:17 PM (1 replies)

My wife and I are heading into town

We are going to see CEDRIC BURNSIDE PROJECT..

Or as the late Rural L Burnside once said.

On drums... Cedric Burnside.

He's been solo for awhile now. Saw him a couple years ago and he SLAYED.

Hope he's that good tonight.

2 Man Wrecking Crew: &list=PLFhkpByuFqAntSNzQyhE8G_UkJYHg90nm

Posted by The Polack MSgt | Thu May 24, 2018, 06:32 PM (5 replies)

What is "being divisive"?

It feels like I've danced around this when I try to speak with other white folks for the last damn decade regarding race in America.

And unfortunately I've had entirely too many conversations with my family start with some variation of "well you're the damn N***** Lover in the family so why don't YOU tell me what this bullshit means"


How are we to react when we are told about the hurtful experiences of POC?

What should we offer in support and how do we do that? Or should we just step away?

Well I tried my best but my best was lacking and I've never managed to be this succinct:

We share our stories so that you, as a white person, can understand what we encounter in this country. We hope that you then join us in taking up the mantle of racial justice so that we can all fight against racism and white supremacy. If your answer to this is to dismiss our experiences, then you are divisive. And racist.

I feel that the ideal response would be for us to think back to times we saw this type of event - From the opposite viewpoint.

Think back to when we saw or participated in an event like the one described and thought nothing of it or even approved of it.

The Shitty but very common responses are to minimize its impact, deflect attention from our acceptance of it or deny it's validity.

All of those strategies are attempting to do 1 thing - Allow white people to remain comfortable with and inactive in changing the status quo.

We all know this too - It bothers us to hear about racism, but it really doesn't bother us to live in racism.

The discussion of racism is uncomfortable but actual day to day racism is a fucking old sweatshirt we lounge in every day.

Nothing will change until WE figure that out and decide that it is no longer OK

Posted by The Polack MSgt | Fri May 18, 2018, 11:06 AM (9 replies)

Good to see this venerable tradition will be maintained

Lindsey Graham Vows To Uphold John McCain’s Legacy By Blindly Supporting GOP Agenda After Grumbling For A Few Minutes
- The Onion
Posted by The Polack MSgt | Thu May 17, 2018, 12:56 PM (4 replies)

The online attitudes of quite a few "Progressive" white folks regarding dehumanizing language

Has a curious almost Bipolar nature.

There is moral outrage and righteous energy in full glorious display while they condemn attacks and snide remarks directed at Melania Trump or John McCain or, well really any famous white person who have been held up to ridicule.

They appeal to our better nature.
They point to Democrats assumed position as holding the higher moral ground.
They admonish that we need to be better than our opponents - Note that description. Opponent. Not Enemy. Opponent.

But the online howling you hear becomes a background murmur or an occasional blandly calm rebuke when dehumanizing language is used about POC.
Literally dehumanizing language such as the thousands of Barrack Obama/monkey Michelle Obama/Ape statements are shrugged away.

Any story or thread here on a site that is supposed to cater to "Progressives" that addresses degrading treatment of Brown folks or LGBT or Muslims will be at best tepidly ignored or, more usually, explained away if possible and minimized at the very least.

So let's face it squarely and say this in plain English.

They only care about the dehumanization of people that they instinctively perceive as Human.

I believe that they have to remind themselves that POC are also Human, so the do not automatically raise to their defense.

Well, as long as I'm being honest and all... That is my theory regarding their behavior when I am in a generous mood.

Most of the time I just figure that they are racists. The kind of racists who usually try to hide that aspect OF themselves FROM themselves - You may know them as the "not racists"
Posted by The Polack MSgt | Wed May 16, 2018, 03:49 PM (52 replies)

Ya know - After 3+ decades of smoking

Camel no filters at a pack a day rate, I quit.

With Chantix and a pissed off wife's help, I managed to stop.

On Ground Hog's day no less - Because I'd tried to quit so often before that I had to do the "It's Groundhog Day" joke.

But right this minute I'm craving a damn butt so bad t ain't even funny... Thank dog the smoke pit is a quarter mile from here...
Posted by The Polack MSgt | Wed May 16, 2018, 09:43 AM (67 replies)

Well another spring in the Prairie - That means

Another spring without Ramps or Morel mushrooms

Harvesting those every spring was a part of my past life in the hills.

They were part of what I was raised to consider the common wealth of the Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania - you know, plants to forage, fish to catch and game to hunt.

My Great Uncle Red (no hillbilly jokes if you please, I never heard a single soul ever call him by his given name) would take me into the woods to get mushrooms, ramps, sassafras root and wild horseradish.

He passed right after my 13th birthday, we were planning a trip into the Allegheny National forest.

The Dogwoods were in full bloom when he passed. He missed it by 2 weeks...

Because "2 weeks after the last dogwood blossom up until a week after the oaks start dropping their spinners" were what he considered peak foraging season - although the ramps' leaves were up quicker than that.

Then, mid June until late September was berry season - Mulberries, Black Berries and Raspberries - gathering these was kid work.

There was whole bunch of berries lost the first time the kids went out to gather them. Of course, the laxative effect of fresh raspberries reminded us the rest of the summer to bring most of them home for jam and pies, not gorge ourselves while picking.

There were other plants but those weren't as important. For instance, my Grandmother loved fiddleheads and ate them plain or pickled... I wasn't that fond of them myself.

Out here on the Prairie there just isn't as much woodland, the climate is different and I am not young and energetic anymore. I just miss the wild food sometimes. I miss the hills and hollers.

Posted by The Polack MSgt | Tue May 15, 2018, 02:28 PM (4 replies)

Get well soon wishes to my favotite catcher

Yadi took a foul tip off a 102mph sinker...

Right in the cup.

He required emergency surgery that night.

I'm not posting the vid.
Posted by The Polack MSgt | Sun May 6, 2018, 02:57 PM (1 replies)
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