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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Pacific Northwest
Current location: Pacific Northwest
Member since: Fri Jun 5, 2015, 05:24 PM
Number of posts: 2,427

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My take on guns.

If you have a gun for defense or to intervene as a hero you are faced with a horrible situation most people don't really seem to think through. Namely, if you use that gun there's a damn fine chance you'll kill someone. That's a nightmare you don't want. Even a deserving shit stain will haunt your days until you're dead. A fist fight you can regret and maybe make amends. However, if you take a life, that shit is real.

I get the hypothetical if you're spouse was being attacked and you had a gun you could deter the attack. Perhaps they have a gun too and you get a gunfighter's chance - if you win you'll be grateful and cursed in an instant.

So to boil it all down we should disarm. How we do that in this country I haven't a clue. Australia seemed to have pulled it off, we could at least try something. Cheers!
Posted by Juicy_Bellows | Fri Aug 28, 2015, 02:10 AM (0 replies)

The Nightly Show on Hillary BLM.

I searched and didn't see it posted yet. It's poignant and worth a watch.
Posted by Juicy_Bellows | Thu Aug 20, 2015, 01:42 AM (30 replies)

The Witcher 3 new game plus free DLC is out.

Anyone else going to play through it again? I know I will.
Posted by Juicy_Bellows | Wed Aug 19, 2015, 09:53 PM (0 replies)

Impressions on Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.

PS4 exclusive, released last Tuesday the 11th. Retail is $20 bucks.

This is the latest walking simulator from The Chinese Room whose last 'game' was Dear Esther. As you may have already gathered, I am not impressed with their latest effort. A victim of the early positive reviews and pretty graphics.

The title takes place in an English town circa 1984. All of the computers in the game are C64s, that made me smile and that's about the only thing that did. You'll spend your time walking around, even with sprint button, at a snails pace exploring various houses and locales searching for the glowy presence of 'spirits'. Once you happen upon one you will be treated to some faceless, bodiless back story that you will soon ignore. The visuals and audio is really good but there is no connection with spirit characters because they are nothing more than voices. After walking, ahem, limping along for a couple hours you're likely to quit from complete boredom. There are NO mechanics, no puzzles, no action, just a seemingly endless slog through a pretty husk.

I'd keep away, you're much better served by a good book or movie.

Anyone else have a take on it?
Posted by Juicy_Bellows | Mon Aug 17, 2015, 09:12 PM (4 replies)

What are you currently playing?

I am not knee deep in any game at the moment. I have been playing a lot of Pinball Arcade lately and spending some time on Guacamelee (trying to finish it but it gets tough in spots).

I haven't played the new Batman: Arkham Knight but I have heard good things. Money is a little tight and I have a massive back catalog to get to, probably wait for a good price drop.

So, what is everyone else playing now?
Posted by Juicy_Bellows | Wed Aug 5, 2015, 05:07 PM (83 replies)

What are you looking forward to playing?

As the summer slowly blazes away the onslaught of the fall video game release window is opening.

Here are some of the games coming soon:

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture - PS4 exclusive but looks to be interesting
Gears of War Ultimate edition - XBONE exclusive but is probably going to be fun
Madden - yawn

September: (sport game heavy as usual)
NHL 16 - Not much a hockey person
Mad Max - Could be great, could suck eggs
FIFA 16 - Soccer is not my thing but these games sell like hotcakes
NBA 2K16 - Will be picking this up for sure, it's the only way to ensure the Blazers win
NBA Live - Last years game was a giant turd, here's hoping 2K will have some competition
Tony Hawk - early video looks like garbage but I have some hope

Disgaea 5 - 4 was good and this might surprise a lot of people
Uncharted Collection - already have the first 3 but a must buy for anyone that skipped the PS3
Dragon Quest Heroes - this is looking good
Rainbow Six Siege - This could be a really fun multiplayer game
Wasteland 2 (consoles) - Finally the consoles get this game (highly recommend for any RPG fan)
Yoshi's Wooly World - If you have a Wii U this will be a likely pick-up
WWE2k16 - Could be good, hopefully they can honor The Piper with this one
Tri Force Heroes - Zelda, nuff said

NFS - Looks excellent, we all would likely prefer another Underground but this is looking nice
COD BLOPS3 - I'll pass, but many won't
Fallout 4 - SOLD, looking massively forward to this one
Rise of the Tomb Raider - XBONE limited exclusive, looks impressive
Star Wars Battlefront - With the movie right around the corner this is going to sell like hotcakes

These are just some of the games heading our way in the near future. Which ones are you most looking forward to?

I'm all about Fallout 4 but I am a big video game nerd and will play many on this list.
Posted by Juicy_Bellows | Wed Aug 5, 2015, 03:07 PM (21 replies)

A muffaletta would be my guess.

Posted by Juicy_Bellows | Thu Jul 30, 2015, 09:19 PM (0 replies)

Active ignore vs. Passive ignore.

I have been tempted in my brief time here to actively ignore a few posters but I have refrained. Reading all of the bile in some recent threads I think it is time to reconsider. Perhaps an active ignore list can help. I can't find value in an echo chamber but I cannot find value in engaging cantankerous trolls that seem to exist only to argue without merit. That's not really arguing at all. How do you handle it?

I try not to mind people grinnin' in my face but good gravy some here are insufferable.
Posted by Juicy_Bellows | Tue Jul 28, 2015, 09:27 PM (49 replies)

Are you better off economically than your parents were at this point in your life?

I've seen this talking point come and go and if someone has done a recent poll on here about it, I apologize for being redundant.

I've tried to categorize best I can, vote if you like please!

I broke the age categories down to 18-25, 25-40 and over 40 because I think that once you are past 40 you should have a pretty good idea of where you will end up economically.

Please vote according to your current situation and likely outcomes of your future. You could win the lottery or come down with an illness that ruins you but I am trying to get a pulse of your feelings as they are.

I am new to Democratic Underground, this is my first poll - hope I didn't mess it up too much.

Thank you!

BTW - I am option 9 for those that are interested.
Posted by Juicy_Bellows | Thu Jun 25, 2015, 12:39 AM (64 replies)

PS4 PS Plus owners - The PS Plus version of Drive club comes out tomorrow.

Anyone have the full retail version? We were promised this game months ago and I am happy to see it finally make its way out. I skipped over the retail version on the promise that we'd get a fully playable version of it for free. I see my patience has paid off but I am curious as to how the retail version is.

PS4 could use a good racer, I also hear that Project Cars is pretty good, anyone have any thoughts?
Posted by Juicy_Bellows | Thu Jun 25, 2015, 12:17 AM (0 replies)
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