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Member since: Sun May 31, 2015, 10:23 AM
Number of posts: 194

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What is the true value of Trump's support to state legislators?

I read where a former state official in Ohio would gladly accept the support of Trump. What can Trumpís support give to a state or any candidate to make them a better elected official? He has nothing to offer any candidate that would make for better government. He was a miserable president who is responsible for an insurrection and death of a capitol security guard, the death of hundreds of thousands of Americans due to his mishandling of the coronavirus, the loss of our nationís standing in the world. He has damaged our democracy by his Big Lie about the election. All he has to offer is his cult followers consisting of a large number of fascists, racists, white supremacists, militiamen and crazy conspiracy followers. Any decent prospective public servant would want distance themselves from Putinís puppet.

Did the prosecutors show the tape of Trump and his family watching the insurrection?

Why doesn't the DOJ indict Trump in Federal Court for inciting insurrection?

Assuming the Republican Senators have no integrity to convict on obvious proof, why not go to court and present the evidence to a court and jury?

Boycott Publix

Lindsey Graham should shut up and the media should stop airing his comments

I am so tired of that weasel

What is wrong with people who would put up with Republicans who support criminal conduct

From their elected representatives? I am losing faith in the basic goodness of this country.

Does anyone else suspect that the Trump administration intentionally limited the security forces

in the hope that the rioters would succeed in disrupting the Electoral vote? There should be a full scale investigation and criminal prosecution if found to be true

Don't hold out hope for the Republican party

The leaders and membership of that party are perfectly happy with fascism. Rand Paul is a good example. The majority of Republicans would gladly trade democracy for authoritarian rule as long as the ruler is one of their own. We are in for a long haul to preserve our freedoms, and it all goes back to the Republican fear of losing a white majority

Democrats should applaud the loyal Republicans who have rejected the effort of Trump followers

I am a lifelong Democrat and will be forever, but I can appreciate the fact that there are honest and patriotic Republicans who hold different positions from mine. There has been and will be conservative versus liberal political factions in our society. However there is no room for sedition and those who would overthrow our democracy. We should express our appreciation for those Republicans who reject Trumpian treason, ie, Liz Cheney, Romney, Murkowski, Cindy McCain. We should condemn the anti American, anti democratic politicians ie, Cruz, Hawley, Brooks, etc.
It is a shame that we have to thank Republican members of Congress for being loyal and upholding their oath of office

Who is the Republican leader who says Democrats want to exterminate Republicans?

Joe Scarborough keeps referring to someone on Fox making this claim. Who is it?
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