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Member since: Sat May 30, 2015, 10:18 PM
Number of posts: 2,657

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Right wingnut cons' problem isn't Main Stream Media...

it is Main Stream America and Main Stream Humanity, and thankfully so. A society they would create and maintain would be absolutely devoid of Liberty. Our Founding Fathers would tell them to STFU and GTFO.
Posted by 63splitwindow | Mon Aug 31, 2015, 03:25 PM (1 replies)

Wingnut con statue anchoring southern border wall...

Posted by 63splitwindow | Fri Aug 28, 2015, 06:53 PM (1 replies)

New slogan and image for tRump campaign...

Who better to guard the henhouse?
Posted by 63splitwindow | Thu Aug 27, 2015, 09:01 PM (1 replies)

Fun watching tRump flush many of his millions back into the economy...

at least it is getting back into general circulation.
Posted by 63splitwindow | Sat Aug 22, 2015, 10:16 PM (8 replies)

Many of the right wingnut wackos who self-identify as "Conservative"...

are really nothing but "people" who derive pleasure from the pain, suffering and anguish of others, including society as a whole. In a word, they are sociopaths. They remind me of the negativity craving aliens who were in one episode of the original Star Trek TV series and were probably exactly who Gene Roddenberry modeled said aliens after.
Posted by 63splitwindow | Sun Aug 9, 2015, 08:22 PM (5 replies)

Were you lying then, mr. tRump, or are you lying now...

or are you ALWAYS lying? And don't try to sell me that "I have evolved" bullshit!
Posted by 63splitwindow | Sat Aug 8, 2015, 04:47 PM (5 replies)

When tRump's liberal positions on social issue over the years...

are all things he has to spontaneously respond to it will be EPIC!!! Those right wingnut wackos currently swinging from his scrotum are gonna be offering the funniest of excuses!!!
Posted by 63splitwindow | Sat Aug 8, 2015, 04:08 PM (6 replies)

C-span NOW...

New Hampshire voters forum with Pug candidates
Posted by 63splitwindow | Mon Aug 3, 2015, 05:43 PM (0 replies)
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