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hill2016's Journal
hill2016's Journal
October 18, 2015

Sanders supporters, do you still support him if he asks you to help pay for his policy platform?

One of the biggest criticism of Sanders is that he's pushing for a large expansion in government spending (free public college, universal health care, expanded Social Security, etc.) without specifying exactly how he's going to pay for it.

It's an absolutely fair question to ask whether people who support universal health care are actually willing to help pay for it. Look at Vermont where universal health care was ultimately too expensive for people to swallow. Look at people complaining about the Cadillac tax or how their ACA plan costs more because of benefits they don't use (by design, ACA gets the insured to subsidize the uninsured, men to subsidize women and the young to subsidize the old). Seems that people want universal health care in principle but not so much the paying part.

Sure he makes some vague references to a financial transaction tax (but of course the devil is in the details such as is he going to subject pension plans and 401k's to the tax? is the tax going to raise as much money as he thinks?) and raising the FICA cap (how does that change the benefits to people who pay more when they retire? Why does he have a donut hole below $250k?) and increased taxes on the 1% or corporations.

So, let's assume that Sanders has already risen taxes significantly on the rich and corporations and finds out that he needs more money. if Sanders proposes paying for his platform through something that affects you directly (you have to pay significantly higher taxes without getting net benefits), will you still support him? Let's say you're nearing retirement and he wants to pay for free college by taxing your pension or 401-k or Social Security. Or let's say you're a fresh graduate and he wants to pay for universal health care or expanded Social Security by raising your federal income taxes.

Here's the tax rates for Denmark

1 USD is about 6.5 DKK.

0%: Up to 41 000 DKK
37.48%: 41 001 – 279 800
43.48%: 279 801 – 335 800
59%: 335 801 and over

October 16, 2015

"I have a dream" speech is copyrighted. How do Sanders supporters feel about it?

Should King have sued companies who were violating his copyright?

Just curious because you seem to think that public interest trump copyright law and protection of intellectual property.

October 15, 2015

Why are Sanders supporters so upset (if Sanders crushed it)?

If the pundits are wrong and that the majority of voters think Sanders crushed Clinton in the debate, eventually this will translate into support and (well) votes in the primaries and the general election.

So just chill, ignore the noise and play for the long game.

Sprouting conspiracy theories about the media really doesn't help your cause.

October 14, 2015

Clinton was poised and presidential. Sanders seems like the Occupy crowd

angry and belligerent and ultimately went nowhere.

October 14, 2015

If all the headlines are about Clinton winning, it will influence people who didn't watch the debate

Clearly it was a great night for Clinton.

Not only does she get to block Biden, she had the most airtime (you might not agree with her policies but Sanders needed the publicity more) and gets the most headlines.

October 14, 2015

Why pundits matter if they all say Clinton won

Beyond the obvious that some people gravitate towards the winners, Sanders is the one who needs more publicity. Does not help him at all if all the news is about Clinton winning.

October 14, 2015

Clinton won strategically by keeping Biden out of the game

She also won tactically by having the most airtime in a race where her opponent lacks her name recognition.

October 14, 2015

Does it seem that Clinton is getting a lot more airtime than others?

Cooper keeps coming back to her for follow-ups.

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