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Member since: Fri May 29, 2015, 07:51 PM
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Anyone has a map of the "Muslim countries" to send to Sanders?

He might want to brush up on geography and geopolitics before the next debate.

And after that, we can start with all the -stans. You never know with Russia.

Conclusion: Sanders is full of talk but no plan

Great, he can point out lots of things wrong but doesn't have concrete plans.

Taxing the rich? Highest tax rate will rise go 50 - 90% but he can't be bother to work out the numbers.

Single payer? Oh eventually we'll get there...

ISIS? Oh we need to get other "Muslim countries" to do the work.

Free college? The states will help pay for it OR ELSE!!

I don't think Sanders actually knows what Wall Street is.

I doubt many people here either.

Does he think that the only thing banks do are credit card and mortgages? Clinton tried to tell him that Glass-Steagall would not have covered AIG and Lehman Brothers.

Why is their business model "Fraud"?

So, Sanders wants to spend but hasn't quite worked out how to pay for it

I mean, he was asked a direct question and his answer was "anywhere between 50% and 90%".

How are you supposed to have a proper debate about the costs and payments for his plan if he won't give a straight answer?

Clinton is being very specific while the other two are very vague in their responses

Speaks to her depth of experience

Sanders just says "Muslim countries" but Clinton knows the difference between the various countries

like Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, etc.

as President you do not get to ignore national emergencies just because you're not prepared for them

if you can't even handle talking about them in a debate, how can you handle them in an actual situation?

Bernie should say tonight: "This attack was a direct consequence of our actions in the Middle East."

If he takes a hawkish view ("we need to confront this evil that is affecting our friends", a lot of his supporters are going to have a severe case of cognitive dissonance.

When you or your allies get attacked, pointing the fingers at your past actions is not a winning

strategy. People want a flag to rally around and "do something" against these perpetrators. They are not interested in self-reflection.

When the US was attacked on 9/11, people who said maybe we shouldn't have been in the Middle East or Africa were ignored. It was all about "let's go after these people". Where do you think the "Blame America First" meme came from?

My prediction for the debates: Clinton will be declared the winner no matter what she says

based on her "national security" and "foreign policy" credentials.

Oh, and nobody will be watching it so people will just hear about another Clinton win (trifecta) in the MSM.
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