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Sanders: "climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism"

I'm guessing he's going to be asked to expound on this view at the next debate.

Will he suggest installing solar panels, buying electric vehicles, and car pooling to fight terrorism?

Momentum is an advantage all by itself

People like to back winners.

If people think their vote will be "wasted" they may just stay at home. On the other hand, people like to be part of the winner team so they will go out and vote.

difference between upper class and rich

since my previous thread was so well received...

what I consider upper class: can live off your own investment, able to open a private banking account (assets of at least $5 million), have your own relaionship manager you can call.

the truly rich though have their own family office (if you have to ask what this is, you can't afford it).

the truly truly rich have their own foundations.

so that's why I support Clinton's proposal not to raise taxes on the middle class. because there are people with much more assets who can afford to pay more first. Sanders on the other hand wants to raise taxes on the middle class. i just wish he would discuss his proposal more during the debate so everyone is aware of this.

Middle class is when you have to go to work

Upper class is when you can live off your investments and you don't have to work (you can choose to).

In some cities, $250k is hardly upper class. After taxes, you're left with about $150k.

Assuming mortgage or rental at $4 - 5k a month, that's easily another $50k gone.

With a couple of kids in private school ($20k / year), nanny, housekeeper, groceries, vacations, car, clothes, dining, etc. you're barely breaking even.

Sanders supporters think he is the most honest politician. Why doesn't he talk about taxes needed?

In the last debate he was asked very directly how much he would raise the marginal rate on the highest tax bracket.

He said he hadn't worked that out yet. To be this is astonishing, that he is running on a platform of raising taxes on the rich but hasn't quite worked out that part yet.

Two months to the Iowa caucus and he hasn't even bothered to nail that down?

Socialism means sharing in both the costs and benefits (free health care, free education, infrastructure, etc). He keeps point at Denmark but does he talk about the taxes there as well? Why isn't he upfront about how much taxes he needs to raise from the middle class?

what limits would you have on the free public university thing?

all countries which have free university impose limits.

many students can't even pass high school frankly.

what limits would you place on
- how long you can take to graduate
- who qualifies? is it entirely merit based? what about minority students?
- what degrees are allowed?
- are living expenses covered?
- do you cover professional and graduate degrees?
- do you have to maintain a minimum GPA during your studies?
- is there any lifetime limit to how much you can use?
- do you have to contribute back to society in any way after you graduate eg. higher taxes, public service, etc?

pipe dreams (ponies) just that until I see sensible debate on cost controls, limits, and policy objectives.

On free speech: consider if the Charlie Hebdo episode happened here. Whose fault is it?

Magazine publishes an article satirical/offensive/blasphemous to a religion. Member of said religion gets offended and shoots up the office of the magazine.

Whose fault would you say it is:
- the magazine for publishing the article, even though it was protected free speech
- the gunman
- the religion

The point about protecting speech is that especially when it is hateful or offensive to you that it needs protection most (other than a few limited exceptions e.g. incitement to violence).

Hopefully we can have a rational, fact-based analysis/discussion. Emotions tend to color one's perception of the matter at hand.

If single payer health care saves so much money, why didn't Vermont adopt it?

Just curious.

Bernie supporters could make a lot of money betting on Bernie winning the nomination


Sanders is at 5%. If he wins the nomination, you can make 20x your money.

Just in time to donate to the general election.
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