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The only polls that matters is the primaries and caucuses

I don't see the point of arguing over online polls vs MSM polls.

If Bernie is crushing it among Democrats, it will show up as delegates.

If Sanders thinks he could have gotten a better climate change deal, where does the $100b/year come


Once again, it's always about the money and the numbers (and reality) which Bernie (and by extension his supporters) seem quite happy to ignore.

If you don't know what I'm referring to, you probably shouldn't have an opinion on this deal.

Sanders finally finds his bully pulpit...in New York State


Mr. Sanders, a candidate for the Democratic nomination, on Friday sent a letter to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo that called on him to provide funding for a new contract with raises.

This is solely a state issue.

Now, can somebody explain to me again why being a federal Senator prevented him from using his influence in Vermont to push for the implementation of single payer there? I thought that single payer was one of the major planks of his platform?

Are we seriously going to get a thread when some unknown endorses Sanders? We could fill the entire

front page with people (let alone unions) who have endorsed Clinton

Poll: fear of a terrorist attack is top-ranked concern by Americans


OK, since this is the top-ranked issue by the American people, Bernie supporters can no longer claim that economic/social justice is the most pressing concern.

I don't suppose we'll be getting a national security speech from Bernie anytime soon?

Given that this is the top-ranked concern of Americans, I hope that the next debate will spend the most time on this issue.

Americans are more fearful about the likelihood of another terrorist attack than at any other time since the weeks after Sept. 11, 2001, a gnawing sense of dread that has helped lift Donald J. Trump to a new high among Republican primary voters, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

In the aftermath of attacks by Islamic extremists in Paris and in San Bernardino, Calif., a plurality of the public views the threat of terrorism as the top issue facing the country. A month ago, only 4 percent of Americans said terrorism was the most important problem; now, 19 percent say it is, above any other issue.

Where Bernie is disingenuous

(1) His platform calls for increased government spending. However to have an honest discussion on policy you need to discuss the sources of revenue as well. I don't know whether he has raised this issue at his rally: how much revenue will he raise from each source? what are the tax rates that will be increased? who will be impacted?

And no, a "financial transactions tax" is not the gold at the end of the rainbow: painless (on the people who matter), plentiful and without adverse side effect.

(2) free public college: all countries that have tried it impose limits on who qualifies. I don't here any discussion of this.

(3) Denmark/Scandinavia nirvana: not a word of the high taxes on the middle class.

I'm happy to be proven wrong.

if the fourth state doesn't ask questions that a President(candidate) wants to avoid

they are not doing their job.

recall how few open press conferences Bush gave?

what do you think of a President who tells the media: only ask me questions on issues I think are important?

if Baltimore wasn't the right time, when is Sanders' big national security speech?

ignoring the issue doesn't make it go away. just wait until the 3 am call ads start up.

Do you think all the polls showing Clinton ahead might depress turnout among Sanders supporters?

People like to back a winning horse. Discouraged voters on the other hand might just stay at home.

Obama was at the climate change talks in Paris. Managed to talk about the terrorist attacks in San

Bernardino and ISIS even though climate change was the focus.

This shows that a President needs to be prepared to discuss any issue at any time.

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