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Member since: Fri May 29, 2015, 07:51 PM
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I'm so sad people have no understanding of demand/supply. Fracking->increases oil SS -> lower price

So sad that some people have NO concept of maths, economics or reality.

By the way, this is a positive statement not a normative statement.

In relation to this thread

If Bernie bans fracking, will he take responsibility when price of oil goes right back up?

Just wondering.

If Bernie agrees to be Hillary's VP, he'll be thrown under the bus too. Nothing escapes the bus.


Elizabeth Warren
The Confederacy
Dolores Huerta
John Lewis
Congressional Black Caucus
Planned Parenthood
de Blasio
Jim Clyburn

Not even Bernie...

So who won the popular vote today?

This anxiety is killing me. I can't wait for Mar 15 when Hillary puts this race away

Fortunately that's just 10 days away. Unlikely for the race to shift significantly in either way.

CNN broadcasting Hillary speaking in Michigan days before the primary!!

Bernie really should be more strategic about how to schedule his speeches to get maximum publicity

LA could give Hillary +30 delegates, Nebraska and Kansas could give Bernie +16 delegates

So Hillary could net +14 delegates today

Hillary leads LA 72-21!!!

Bernie leading Nebraska 55-45


Hillary will increase her delegate lead today even if she loses 2 states to 1 state

Don't lose faith!!
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