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Current location: New York City
Member since: Fri May 29, 2015, 07:51 PM
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If Hillary leads the pledged delegates by one, should the superdelegates vote for her or Bernie?

What do people think?

I think they should vote for Hillary.

What do you think about Boeing selling airplanes overseas, Apple selling iPad overseas,

GM and Ford selling cars overseas?

What do you think about Netflix, Facebook, Google, etc. expanding their presence overseas?

Congrats Bernie supporters!

It was a good win.

I was listening to Clinton's speech and I think she lied. American workers are NOT the most

hardworking in the world. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Maybe she means productive instead?

Let's hope Clinton pulls through. At this point I'll take a narrow win in Michigan

You go!

President Sanders would have vetoed the TARP bill to make a point. That would have ended the US

financial system as we knew it.

He's an ideologue, through and through

That scares me!!!

Hopefully Clinton picks up +30 delegates after a flat weekend

then it's on to next Tuesday where she puts this race away

So, Bernie wanted the economy and auto industry to collapse and wants higher gas prices and taxes

on the middle class.

Now do you understand what will happen when Republicans really start attacking him?

What would have happened if the TARP bill had failed like Bernie wanted?

#1 the auto industry would have collapsed
#2 the banking sector would have collapsed

But this doesn't matter to Bernie as long as he can express his ideological purity, consequences be damned!!!
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