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Clinton has a lead of 320 pledged delegates with about 2100 up for grabs.

Sanders needs to win 58% of the remaining delegates to catch up with her. His best showing today was eking out a 50% win.

That's even before the superdelegates come into the picture.

Hillary's take for the night is already at +100 (175/73)


What time does Hillary come on air? What time does Sanders go to bed?

Just curious...

Did Bernie supporters sacrifice their votes in Ohio to try to stop Trump? Wow!

Hats off to you! How selfless!

Here's to hoping Hillary has a great night. We have your back!


Let's hope that Clinton adds another 50 to 100 delegates to her lead tonight.

50 would be a poor showing. 100 would be an excellent showing.

I'll take 75.

If Bernie supporters truly believe in economic justice, why do they oppose free trade?

By definition, economic justice means reducing the level of inequality. The US is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. The median wage ($30k) is in the top 1% by world income. Hence shouldn't Bernie supporters work towards reducing global inequality and support free trade?

The only reason I can think is that Bernie supporters want economic justice when they are the ones gaining something but not when they are the ones that have to give something up for those even further down the inequality scale.

Let's wish Hiillary all the best for tonight!

Hope her lead grows to even more insurmountable!

I'll take a 250 - 300 lead over Bernie!

Does Sanders want the superdelegates to support him even if he loses the pledged delegates count?


Mr. Sanders said he isn’t deterred, noting superdelegates are free to change their minds. They might do just that if they see him winning and come to believe he’s the best bet to defeat the Republican nominee—possibly Donald Trump—in the fall, he said.

In an appearance Sunday on CNN, Mr. Sanders said “if we do well in a number of states and if the general sentiment becomes that Bernie Sanders is the candidate who will defeat Donald Trump” superdelegates might “swing over” to his campaign.

Hopefully Hillary increases her lead to 250 - 300 tomorrow

to make it harder for Bernie to catch up. I think this is very doable!
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