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Current location: New York City
Member since: Fri May 29, 2015, 08:51 PM
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Journal Archives

If Bernie shows up at the conference he will look very cynical. If he pulls out

he will look just as cynical.

Talk about a self-inflicted wound!

And he gets out of NY just before the primary!!

Can someone fill me in #papalgate? Is Sanders the keynote speaker? What's this conference?

Will he be speaking next to the Pope at St Peter's Square?

let me call the latest scandal #papalgate or #invitegate

who knew what, when, where and how???

If Sanders has less pledged delegates than Clinton, is he seriously trying to steal the nomination

from her at the convention?

Aren't Sanders supporters against anyone stealing the nomination through the super-delegates?

Argument against $15 federal minimum wage


McDonald's has been spotted testing a self-serve McCafe coffee station/kiosk out in downtown Chicago.

The station is located in the restaurant but apart from the counter and looks to be a theoretically more convenient way for those who just want a cup of coffee to skip the regular line (while also freeing employees from having to make each drink in the back).

The coffee station includes a touchpad for ordering and paying (it appears to take credit card only), a beverage spout, and a dispenser for cups.

I actually agree with Bernie. The gun issue is dumb.

You can't expect a manufacturer of a legal product to bear any liability for what a criminal might use the product for.

Why is Mr Issues going negative? He sees the writing on the wall and realized

that maths is hard?

if everyone gets something from Bernie, who is the one actually paying? ever wondered that? I do.

the young get free college and maybe get loan forgiveness
older adults get universal health care
seniors get increased social security benefits

who actually pays?

New York: closed primary, registrations are over, diverse, the one state that loves Wall Street

How does Bernie win here?

Many Canadians/Mexicans who live/work in the US have offshore bank accounts in their home countries

There's nothing remotely illegal about having offshore bank accounts.
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