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Fast Walker 52

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Hometown: Southern California
Home country: USA
Current location: Indiana
Member since: Thu May 14, 2015, 07:31 AM
Number of posts: 7,723

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Even if Bernie Sanders doesn't win the primary, he has given every indication that he will

endorse Hillary in the general if he is not the nominee.

I don't quite get all the people who love Bernie so much but are willing to go against him if he ends up endorsing Hillary.

I can't even wrap my mind around not voting for the Dem in this next election, given how fucking psychotic the GOP is.

So, why all the sturm and drang about this? It's not going to be that hard to decide who to vote in November, unless you really don't mind a Republican winning the election.
Posted by Fast Walker 52 | Sun Dec 20, 2015, 08:10 PM (129 replies)

So why exactly does the DNC host separate lists of voter info for different candidates?

Why don't they just have a shared list for all candidates? If they are running as Dems, shouldn't the DNC be neutral? Why would campaigns keep their data with the DNC anyway?
Posted by Fast Walker 52 | Fri Dec 18, 2015, 08:11 PM (11 replies)

GOP -- Ebola versus Muslims

Anyone else notice how similar the great GOP Muslim freakout is to their great Ebola freakout in 2014?

Basically they are massively over-reacting to a low probability event, wanting to shut the borders, proposing irrational policies and opposing common sense approaches.
Posted by Fast Walker 52 | Thu Dec 10, 2015, 12:26 AM (2 replies)

Saudi Arabia whines about Paris climate talks


Unbelievable. What a horrible, toxic country.

The Saudis have also objected to demands for periodic reviews of climate plans, according to accounts from negotiators and observers. Saudi delegates complain that submitting a climate plan before Paris was difficult enough.

“It is unacceptable for developing countries, like my own, to be asked to participate in this so called ratchet mechanism,” the Saudis were reported to have told the session.

“It was tough, we had to go to every ministry, every part of government. We developing countries don’t have the capacity to do this every five years. We are too poor, we have too many other priorities. It’s unacceptable,” a Saudi delegate said.

And although Saudia Arabia ranks as the world’s 15th largest economy, it has resisted efforts to grow the Green Climate Fund to help poorer countries cope with global warming – insisting only industrialised countries contribute.

Posted by Fast Walker 52 | Wed Dec 9, 2015, 12:51 PM (8 replies)

If there's one thing that will drive me away from living in this country, it's the pathological

obsession over guns. I'm so very sick of this debate.

If we can't enact some reasonable gun laws in the next few years, I'm seriously going to look to move.

I say this as someone who has resisted the move away sentiment, and have really wanted to work within the system. But this argument frustrates me like no other.
Posted by Fast Walker 52 | Mon Dec 7, 2015, 09:14 AM (58 replies)

The strange nexus between the GOP, Trump and outrageous conspiracy theories

Rachel Maddow covered this last night in her show but I also have been thinking about it.

-- Trump is easily the GOP front-runner

-- Trump has engaged in scary, serious anti-Muslim rhetoric over terrorism

-- Trump gave an interview to Alex Jones this past week

-- Jones said 90% of his followers support Trump; Trump is clearly courting the Jones crowd as well.

-- Jones routinely runs stories about government sponsored false-flags terror incidents and scares people that these are run so the government can pass hard gun control laws and/or take away guns from Americans, in order to enact martial law. For instance, Jones has speculated that the Sandy Hook shootings were a hoax.

-- the Muslim family of the San Bernardino massacre suspect hired a lawyer who is a Sandy Hook truther

So we have this weird disconnect between people who think terror attacks/shootings are a govt hoax, and people who are afraid of Islamic terror, and Trump and Jones are straddling this line.

The bottom line is that the GOP is now the crazy conspiracy party, no exaggeration at all.
Posted by Fast Walker 52 | Sat Dec 5, 2015, 04:35 PM (4 replies)

"Tough Talk and a Cowardly Vote on Terrorism" & "Republicans’ Climate Change Denial Denial"

These two pieces from the NY Times yesterday outraged me like nothing has for quite a while.

First, how the GOP blocked a simple law that would keep guns out of the hands of would-be terrorists:

"While the nation suffered through the shock of another bloody massacre, on Thursday every Senate Republican except Mark Kirk of Illinois voted against legislation to prevent people on the F.B.I.’s consolidated terrorist watchlist from purchasing guns or explosives.

The measure has been introduced repeatedly since 2007. The Government Accountability Office has documented that over years of congressional blockage, hundreds of suspected terrorists on the watchlist bought guns."

Then Krugman absolutely nails both the GOP and the media in this important piece:

"Future historians — if there are any future historians — will almost surely say that the most important thing happening in the world during December 2015 was the climate talks in Paris. True, nothing agreed to in Paris will be enough, by itself, to solve the problem of global warming. But the talks could mark a turning point, the beginning of the kind of international action needed to avert catastrophe.

Then again, they might not; we may be doomed. And if we are, you know who will be responsible: the Republican Party.

O.K., I know the reaction of many readers: How partisan! How over the top! But what I said is, in fact, the obvious truth. And the inability of our news media, our pundits and our political establishment in general to face up to that truth is an important contributing factor to the danger we face."

We HAVE to get the GOP out of control of our government.
Posted by Fast Walker 52 | Sat Dec 5, 2015, 11:17 AM (0 replies)

Donald Trump does interview with Alex Jones

Just today. Unbelievable. Will this actually possibly delegitimize him?


A whole bunch of crap, of course.

Posted by Fast Walker 52 | Wed Dec 2, 2015, 07:49 PM (8 replies)
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