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Gender: Female
Home country: Canada
Member since: Tue Apr 21, 2015, 11:39 AM
Number of posts: 226

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After all the dust settles...

Do you think it's possible, for the sake of the god damned planet, for the Democrats, both Hillary and Bernie supporters to unite? You know, so that the fascist doesn't get into power and destroy everything. You do understand that we have an existential crisis on our hands, don't you? I'm fed up with all the sniping back and forth. Now I'm not American and cannot vote in your election (although I should be allowed considering how much power and influence the US wields over the world) so I would like to be assured that all of you are doing everything in your power to prevent the catastrophe that awaits if Trump gets in.

If he is elected, you won't be able to escape him no matter where you live in the world so don't even bother thinking about moving to another country. Just keep Don the Con away from the White House otherwise your move to Canada will only have you waiting around for the Anschluss.
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