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FBI’s Comey has a history as a political and corporate fixer (from Marketwatch)


Comey is no Eliot Ness, and he’s not your father’s G-Man. He is a long-standing Washington hack who has pocketed millions from federal contractors, a powerful hedge fund and a shady bank with a record of international money laundering. Yes, really. He has a career of trading “access” for money, and he is a donor to Republican political campaigns.

Comey was first appointed to the Justice Department by the Bush-Cheney administration. After they had launched the second Iraq war and committed billions to it, he was hired as consigliere and chief fixer by defense giant Lockheed Martin LMT, -2.62% . (Oh, and Lockheed has now deleted the web page announcing the appointment. How cute. Alas for them, the page has been archived.)

For most of those years, Lockheed — and Comey — successfully hid how much he earned. But in 2009, due to some oversight, they had to disclose it in a public filing. His pay for that year alone? Try $6.1 million. No, really. (Check out the table on Page 48 of the stockholder proxy statement, right here.) Further details showed that, by then, this fixer had also accumulated at least $11 million in free stock — in addition to the outsized salaries and bonuses he’d earned along the way.

Three times Comey has publicly intervened in the election in a manner most likely to help Donald Trump. It’s not even ambiguous.
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