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Firestorm49's Journal
Firestorm49's Journal
July 21, 2023

I play guitars - acoustic, electric and bass in various bands

No matter how good I may or may not be, there are always those who are truly much better, many who think they are much better and those who will never become any better but just think they are.

I ran a business for thirty six years. There were businesses that were more successful, less successful and plain old mediocre. There was always an elitist who always wanted to dominate the narrative thinking that they were for some reason smarter or better than those who didn’t sell at least $15M a year in goods or services.

I came to DU to share my opinions which to some are valid, to some they are invalid and to others plain old meaningless.

I’m getting tired of the warfare that seems to be emerging when someone states an opinion that the
“almighty” need to grind into the ground. It was not a post of mine in particular. I just spent the last half hour or so going down the General Discussion list and getting repulsed at the “ holier than thou” responses to people’s posts. I thought we were all on the same team here but find myself having to put up with another top shelf guitar player who thinks that their chops are the only ones that count.

I enjoy DU and will continue to monitor and occasionally add my two bits, but honestly, I sure don’t need the shit that some are throwing at others for simply speaking their mind.

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