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Member since: Wed Apr 8, 2015, 01:23 PM
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The ultimate goal. (Frazier Crane)😊

Am I the only person salivating about the prospect of nailing Trump for money laundering?

Numerous books and articles that I’ve read over the years, including the Mueller report, have pointed in an obvious direction, with verifiable sources screaming “money laundering.”
From the beach estate in Florida, to condo sales in New York, laundering has been mentioned more often than “exceeding your expectations”. God, I hate that tag line.

I hope that the indictments handed down lead toward a laundering conviction, because in my mind, it’s a lock. He needs to be incarcerated, if, for no other reason, than to show the American electorate that justice can and will prevail.

Wow, thanks for the heart. I think of my self as more reserved than outspoken(?) Thank you

I just read a post about fact checking. Need some advice.

Is there a fact checking site that resolves questions quickly?
Is it necessary to be a member?
Which ones are the most reliable?

I’ve found that when I go to sites, I’m either unable to ask the question, or, there is no answer. How am I to be accurate if I pose the question?

My two cents worth of opinion.

If Republicans could not take action after children were separated from their parents at the border, and if Republicans could not take action after twenty three innocent grade schoolers were massacred, and if Republicans knowingly stood by a traitor of a President who subverted democracy, then don’t expect them to act any differently with regard to impeachment, resignation, the 25th. amendment, or anything relating to the betterment and advancement of civilized society.

Sadly, there is no reasoning with them or common ground at this point. They will continue to defend the worst President in American history and cause my blood pressure to rise.

In my opinion, any and all involved in the disgrace at the Capital need and deserve harsh punishment, whether it’s police, military, politicians who did not step up and condemn the atrocity, or plain old dumb ass Trump supporters who took joy in this farce. We can not let this go without repercussion. This is far too serious.
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