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Firestorm49's Journal
Firestorm49's Journal
June 21, 2019

Lame Duck Laws upheld by WI Supreme Court

The conservatively stacked WI Supreme Court upheld the partisan lame duck laws limiting Gov. Tony Evers.

Wow! What a surprise!


June 21, 2019

Republicans are on the move. Are we?

Republicans in Florida are launching a program to get out the Latino vote. Republicans in WI are preparing the most aggressive ground game ever to keep WI red. To date, I’ve not seen any Dem. election planning other than “Impeach the MF”, and that won’t win an election.

Excuse my ignorance, but I haven’t seen our strategy come into play. Republicans have their plans established and are starting to implement them. Each day lost can not be taken back. It’s now or never.

June 16, 2019

We'd all like to think that ..........

our government exists for the “common good”, and or for the “will of the people.” In our hearts, we believe that while taking our tax dollars, the government will assure safe water and air, safe air travel, safe working conditions, and on and on. But, the reality has proven itself to be quite different.

This belief is much like religion, and I apologize to all of my fellow DUers who have steadfast faith. Many of us want to believe that a form of diety is going to allow us to attain some altered form of everlasting life, whatever that may be, just as we want to believe that our government is looking out for our best interests. We put our heartfelt faith in an unknown entity trusting that we will get the benefit.

But reality is often uncomfortable. In modern society, one could make the assumption that money and all that it can buy, both materially and personally, is the supreme ruler. Money is the faith of many, and has become the downfall of the “common good.”

We are at a crossroad in America. Prayer, to quote George Carlin (not that he was the absolute authority) is at best a 50/50 chance. Action is needed lest we become a satellite of Russia. Pray for our democracy if you wish, or stand up and take action. The country we love demands it.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” JFK

June 6, 2019

A ray of hope???

A musician in one of my bands is a Republican. Most are. I try to keep politics an arm’s length from SRV, but we talked a bit about what’s his name in the Oval Office. I asked him if he would vote for tRump again and he said “God no”. He said that around “conservative” Republicans, he would be an outcast. He believes in much, not all, of Republican ideology, and believes that what’s his name has done some good things, which is more than I could say. As is usually the case with many of us, he grew up in a Republican household, so he’s Republican. As a side note, my father was a die hard Republican, a thought that never crossed my mind.

The point is, he’s in his mid 30s and hopefully represents a newer generation of voters. He likes what the party stands for, but is appalled at the daily dose of BS coming out of tRump and his band of gypsies. (Oh Firestorm, you sly dog - slipping in a band name)

Maybe there’s hope in the younger generation. One can only hope.

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