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Firestorm49's Journal
Firestorm49's Journal
January 19, 2019


Has anybody heard any more about the young Ballarusian “sex trainer” who was imprisoned in Thailand and recently released to go home, but was on a plane that was diverted to Moscow for her “detention.” She allegedly had serious info on Deripaska related to Trump. Our State Dept. supposedly went to Thailand to interview her, but they were not allowed access to her in prison. Odd? I thought the good old US of A had clout.

Videos of her on a yacht with Deripaska and two wealthy (duh) men with distinct American accents that she had taken were shown on the media. I’m just wondering if our government will black out of any further information (censored). She made be already be dead and buried. I’d like to know if anybody has read more about this.

January 16, 2019

Contact Pelosi? Nope

A few minutes ago I posted a reply to the Home Page post referring to Brennen as concurring that Trump is a “clear and present danger”. I suggested DUers contact Pelosi and Schumer to demand that we, the public, get to see the final outcome of the report in its entirety, as we have endured scandal after scandal for the past two years and have been conditioned by the Joke In Chief himself to handle the ultimate outcome of Mueller’s report.

I was unable to directly contact either Pelosi or Schumer as I not reside within their constituency, and was directed to contact my Representative, one of whom is Ron Johnson, who gives a rat’s ass what I want to see. The other is Steil, who again is a rubber stamp for corruption.

So, screw me.

January 15, 2019

I heard a good line on CNN yesterday.

About the only time Trump isn’t shooting himself in the foot is when he’s reloading the gun.

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