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Member since: Wed Apr 8, 2015, 01:23 PM
Number of posts: 3,789

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Could we be witnessing the demise of Vladimir Putin?

Could his apparent blunder against a determined populace be the undoing of his brutal reign? The stories now emerging indicate significant displeasure in his decision making.

It is becoming more apparent day by day that Putinís days as the undisputed leader may be numbered. If, in fact we actually witness this downfall, I would view this as the ultimate irony, and a gut punch to the ribs of TFG.

One can only hope.

The gloves are off. Is it time to appoint additional SC justices? We're spiraling downward

and damn well better consider getting in the fight. Inch by inch, day by day, the other side makes gains (?) while we watch, and has been doing so for years. Yes, I know, the 1/6 Committee is doing groundbreaking work, and I applaud them, but if TFG gets away with the attempted overthrow of our democracy without consequences for him and his cabal of cronies, itís game over.

Popular opinion is null and void. Itís past the time to get serious.

And then there was Eric Prince. Does anybody know what he's been up to?

There has been basically no chatter about Prince and his little band of mercenaries for quite some time. Russia is utilizing the Wagner Group - Princeís alter ego, to do their dirty work. I wonder if certain munition and oil / fuel storage depots both in Ukraine and Russia have been targeted by those who remain heretofore anonymous?

Here's a thought.

Is it possible that after TFGís reign, along with his willingness to possibly hand over security secrets to the Russians, that Putin just wanted to create a scenario that would reveal how we and our allies would react in such a situation - our submarine and warship deployments, air brigades, troop assembly and deployments, armament movements, logistics, etc.

I stated earlier that I had doubts that Putin would actually invade Ukraine, as he has far more to lose than to gain. He now has better knowledge of strategies of his adversaries and the method by which we respond.

In the guise of faking a conflict he has exposed how his adversaries will counter. And the chess game moves on.

Thanks for the heart. It's appreciated. nt

The ultimate goal. (Frazier Crane)😊

Am I the only person salivating about the prospect of nailing Trump for money laundering?

Numerous books and articles that Iíve read over the years, including the Mueller report, have pointed in an obvious direction, with verifiable sources screaming ďmoney laundering.Ē
From the beach estate in Florida, to condo sales in New York, laundering has been mentioned more often than ďexceeding your expectationsĒ. God, I hate that tag line.

I hope that the indictments handed down lead toward a laundering conviction, because in my mind, itís a lock. He needs to be incarcerated, if, for no other reason, than to show the American electorate that justice can and will prevail.

Wow, thanks for the heart. I think of my self as more reserved than outspoken(?) Thank you

I just read a post about fact checking. Need some advice.

Is there a fact checking site that resolves questions quickly?
Is it necessary to be a member?
Which ones are the most reliable?

Iíve found that when I go to sites, Iím either unable to ask the question, or, there is no answer. How am I to be accurate if I pose the question?

My two cents worth of opinion.

If Republicans could not take action after children were separated from their parents at the border, and if Republicans could not take action after twenty three innocent grade schoolers were massacred, and if Republicans knowingly stood by a traitor of a President who subverted democracy, then donít expect them to act any differently with regard to impeachment, resignation, the 25th. amendment, or anything relating to the betterment and advancement of civilized society.

Sadly, there is no reasoning with them or common ground at this point. They will continue to defend the worst President in American history and cause my blood pressure to rise.

In my opinion, any and all involved in the disgrace at the Capital need and deserve harsh punishment, whether itís police, military, politicians who did not step up and condemn the atrocity, or plain old dumb ass Trump supporters who took joy in this farce. We can not let this go without repercussion. This is far too serious.

The fool still can't find it within himself to act like a man and do what's right.

His immense ego, well documented first hand by his PHD niece Mary, and nearly every sane observer on the planet, simply prevents him from acknowledging decency, common sense or morality. It simply doesnít compute in his mind.

This clown show is continuing in an embarrassing display to the world. Never before, to the best of my knowledge, and hopefully never again, shall we get such an extremely poorly vetted candidate to represent Americaís values to the free world. This administration, as we all know, was the equivalent of a political abortion on which America stands.

We need much better candidate vetting as we move on. Were Trumpís shady financial dealings known? Yes! Were has morals lower than a snakesís ass? Yes! Were his corrupt ties to financial institutions and corrupt foreign governments known? Hell yes! Yet he was vetted to run for the highest office in the land.

If we are going to move forward as a free and democratic nation and prevent this type of insideous takeover from ever occurring again, vetting needs to be greatly improved, perhaps with mental, financial, criminal and moral aspects brought into play during the process.

Thank God we can breath again. I never thought the election would be this close. Letís hope this Trump nightmare ends without too much more damage.

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