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Ms. Yertle

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Member since: Sun Apr 5, 2015, 04:12 PM
Number of posts: 466

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Brock Turner Freed From Jail After Serving Half Of 6-Month Sentence


Three months after he received a lenient punishment for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman at Stanford University, Brock Turner left the Santa Clara County Main Jail on Friday morning. He served half of a six-month sentence that drew a furious public response.

The Stanford rapist is on the loose again. I have an opinion about whether justice was served, but good taste prevents me from posting it.

Seriou, s questions:

Der Trumpenfuehrer has really stepped in it big time. (Bigly?) Inviting the Russians to hack an opponent is beyond the pale to just about anyone. If the Rs can convince him to quit the race now, or if he chooses to quit because he won't be able to stand losing, what happens? Will Pence go on to be the nominee? Will the Rs hold another convention? Will Mr. Second Place (Cruz) be on the ballot? Will Hillary run unopposed?

What happens if this takes place in October? Or after ballots have been printed? Will they call for delaying the election?

Chick-fil-A employees were at work in Orlando Sunday


Chick-fil-A employees were seen distributing sandwiches and ice tea to those who waited several hours in line to donate blood in addition to the hundreds of law enforcement officials who responded to the shooting scene.

Class act. It's good to know that things like this can happen.

Press conference--did I hear that right????

50--Fifty--FIFTY dead?????

Tears, just . . . tears.


OMG. Just, OMG. If there were no other reason to vote against Trump, "bigly" would be enough . . .

Woo hoo!! Thanks for the heart!

It's been a long time since I've had a secret admirer!

Question about the Hammond case

I've done a little reading and found out that the Hammonds were sentenced a couple of years ago and served their sentences. How is it then legal for the court to re-sentence them?

NATO & the attacks in France

I've been seeing a lot of stuff speculating that France could invoke Article 5, which states that an attack on a member nation is an attack on all.
The defense clause of NATO’s founding treaty stipulates that if invoked, each of the members will assist the party attacked. NATO’s military resources include more than 3 million troops under arms, 25,000 aircraft and 800 oceangoing warships, according to Foreign Policy. Economically, the alliance is also an intimidating force, representing more than 50 percent of global GDP.

This country clearly has no appetite for war. What happens if we politely decline? Would NATO fall apart? Is there a reason why we should care if it does?

(I know nothing about the source--it was just the first article that came up when I did a Google search, so my apologies if it's a RWNJ article.)

Question about the Speakership

Sounds like anyone can be Speaker, if they can get the votes.

Any chance that there will be two R candidates to split the R votes, allowing a D to become Speaker again?

"You're one of us now"

(snip) It had been a decade since they arrived in Nebraska, a state they had known nothing about until Hurricane Katrina stripped their New Orleans home down to its floorboards on Aug. 29, 2005. They had traveled with their five children to shelters, church basements and an overcrowded motel, where one day a FEMA official announced that a church in Nebraska was offering to sponsor a family and asked whether anyone wanted to go. Nine hours later, they were on their way to the airport, a family of seven with a single carry-on bag and no idea where they were headed. They landed in Omaha, where the streets were wide and quiet; and then they were driven into the surrounding farmland, which started to smell of manure; and then they came into tiny Nebraska City, which at least had a Wal-Mart; and then they continued through 25 more miles of absolute emptiness until they arrived at what looked like nothing more than a junction in the road. One bar. Two gas stations. A main street of vacated shops and a squat municipal building decorated with a freshly painted sign. “Welcome Home Katrina Evacuees!” it read.

The town of Auburn, population 3,200, had provided them with a car, a four-bedroom house, job leads and free medical checkups. The Ladies Club stopped by with homemade casseroles. Goodwill delivered jeans and pearl-snap shirts.

“You’re one of us now,” a city councilman had written to them, even though no one else in Auburn was black, Southern, urban and poor. “We’re a close community that leaves no one behind in a time of need. You’ll be taken care of here.”


Really, really sad situation. The people of the town had very good intentions, but no real clear idea of how much help this family would need long-term.

The only bright spot is that their daughter is doing very well.
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