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Cheese Sandwich

Cheese Sandwich's Journal
Cheese Sandwich's Journal
June 6, 2016

If the media calls the nomination over before California polls close, they will hurt voter turnout

and hurt any other Democrats and issues that may be on the ballots. Not that they would care though since the mainstream media are mostly a bunch of boot-licking corporate shills.

June 6, 2016

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton tried to suppress the Latino vote in Puerto Rico!

Bernie saved the the day by reporting what was happening in Puerto Rico prisons to the votes there!

Thank you Bernie and shame on all you people who defend suppressing the Latino vote and are voting for Hillary.

June 5, 2016

Bernie Sanders hits Hillary Clinton on Iraq war support

WASHINGTON, June 3 (UPI) -- On the same day Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton unloaded on Donald Trump on foreign policy, Bernie Sanders took a swipe at Clinton for her support for the Iraq War, calling it the "worst foreign policy blunder in modern American history."

"I agree with Secretary Clinton that Donald Trump's foreign policy ideas are incredibly reckless and irresponsible," Sanders said in a statement on Thursday. "But when it comes to foreign policy, we cannot forget that Secretary Clinton voted for the war in Iraq, the worst foreign policy blunder in modern American history, and that she has been a proponent of regime change, as in Libya, without thinking through the consequences."
June 5, 2016

Sanders equates Clinton with Trump on foreign policy

Hillary Clinton has bathed in accolades from Democrats for her scathing speech against Trump’s foreign policy credentials. But in an interview aired Sunday, her rival for the Democratic nomination Bernie Sanders suggested that Clinton’s own foreign policy judgment raises similar concerns.

“I think that her support for the war in Iraq was not just an aberration,” he said. “I think that her willingness to push President Obama to overthrow [Libya's Muammar] Qadhafi and lead to the kind of instability we’re seeing now in Libya, not inconsistent with her views on Syria, where she wants a no-fly zone.”

“Bush’s era, Clinton’s era has caused us incalculable harm,” he added.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/blogs/2016-dem-primary-live-updates-and-results/2016/06/sanders-equates-clinton-with-trump-on-foreign-policy-223914

June 5, 2016

Sanders: Clinton too quick to rush to war, Iraq vote ‘not just an abberation’

Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders on Sunday accused Hillary Clinton of being too quick to rush to war, and said the former secretary of state’s supporter for the Iraq war was not merely an isolated incident but instead one example in a clear pattern.

The Democratic presidential candidate was asked on CNN’s “State of the Union” if he worries that Mrs. Clinton could push the U.S. into war if she’s elected.

“I worry about that, yeah, I do,” he said. “I think her support for the war in Iraq was not just an aberration. I think her willingness to kind of push President Obama to overthrow [Moammar] Gaddafi and lead to the kind of instability that we’re seeing now in Libya, not inconsistent with her other views in Syria, where she wants a no-fly zone which could suck is into never-ending conflict in that area.”

Mr. Sanders was an outspoken opponent of the Iraq conflict, while Mrs. Clinton voted to approve the war in 2002. She has since said the war was a mistake.

June 5, 2016

Study Ties Fracking To California Earthquakes

How will this issue effect California primary voters since the Sanders and Clinton have such clearly different positions on the drilling issue?

Injecting old, used water from oil and gas drilling in California has been tied to earthquakes for the first time, according to a new study released Thursday. Wastewater injections have already been tied to earthquakes in Colorado and Oklahoma.

The study comes as fracking in California is growing in scope — and in attention. During fracking, chemical-laced, saline water is injected at high pressure thousands of meters underground, loosening deposits of oil and gas. The process, as well as other forms of so-called enhanced oil recovery, creates huge amounts of wastewater, which is often disposed of by being injected into storage wells. (It is also occasionally reused in agriculture or dumped in the ocean.)

California’s wastewater injections have already raised concerns and prompted lawsuits, after environmentalists discovered oil and gas companies have received permits from the Dept. of Conservation to inject into protected aquifers.

According to the new study, which tied a set of 2005 earthquakes near Bakersfield, Calif., to wastewater disposal, injection wells can potentially cause earthquakes several kilometers away, both in the short term and months or even years after the injections take place. The earthquakes studied in the recent report occurred roughly five miles from the injection sites. Bakersfield, in Kern County, is roughly 50 miles from the San Andreas Fault.
June 5, 2016

"The hate mail has started up again"

James Zobgy reports on bombings, threats, and hate mail he has faced for supporting Palestinian rights over the years. He says the hate mail has started up again since being named to the Democratic Party platform committee after a recommendation by Bernie Sanders.

When I spoke in favour of a two-state solution in 1988, before this position became fashionable, I was told: “You’ll never have a place in this party again". Following that year’s convention, Michael Dukakis rejected the endorsement of our Arab American Democratic Federation saying “it was too controversial". When, in 1990, Ron Brown, then Chair of the DNC, came to speak at an Arab American event I was hosting, he told me that he was threatened with a loss of support “if you even go into the room with those people".

And then there is the violence. The first time I received a death threat was 1970. My office was firebombed in 1980 and after 9/11 three men went to jail for threatening my life and the lives of my children. In every instance, the perpetrators claimed to be striking out for reasons to do with my ethnicity or Israel. Now, in the wake of the announcement of my platform committee assignment, the hate mail has started up again.

Even beyond this danger, by silencing my community and marginalising us because we might dare to advocate for Palestinians, there is the damage that this hysteria does to the national discourse. For example, I have been denounced for criticising Benjamin Netanyahu, but my writings on this subject are similar to those written by Israelis. At issue is not what we are saying, but that we are the ones saying it. We are accused of “singling Israel out", while in reality it is our critics who single out this issue as one we can’t discuss.

Mr Sanders has brought the matter of Israel-Palestine into the national debate. It belongs there and deserves to be discussed without fear.

I am proud that Mr Sanders has demonstrated the courage to do this and I am confident that the platform committee can forge a new consensus that reflects the will of the majority of Democrats on all of the critical issues – including the way forward to achieve a lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

June 5, 2016

People who support the existence of superdelegates are hypocrites when they complain about

other people trying to "steal" their superdelegates.

We should just eliminate superdelegates altogether for the next election cycle, in 2020.

Superdelegates are not bound by how their states voted, or by the overall vote, or by the pledged delegates.

That's very undemocratic. The system is very undemocratic. It is designed to prevent established politicians from losing to grass roots activist movements. The superdelegate system is awful.

But if you like that system, if you defend it, and then you turn around and whine about people trying to play by the rules, and accuse people of trying to "steal" superdelegates, then you're just a huge hypocrite. It's just more proof that we are not welcome and not wanted inside the Democratic Party.

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