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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Women For Trump Bus Tour

Kinda sounds like the "Jews for Hitler" bus tour.....

What on earth can these "girls" have to say besides vomit?

So How Will Trump Repay Putin If He Wins?

Trump has gotten a lot of help from Russian hackers.

How will he repay their boss?

I think this is a question the media should be asking "surrogates"......

Without The Senate We Get No Judges

Just ask Obama.

Do Not Let Up For One Second.

Republican incumbents are doing extremely well considering.

They need to be replaced with non traitors.

NBC Don't Fire Billy Bush - Give Him A Medal

He didn't do anything wrong.

In fact he did the world a great service.

He deserves the Medal Of Freedom!!!!!!

Thank You Billy!

It's A Good Day In Trump World

Only two more sexual assault victims came forward today to tell their stories.

For Donald Trump, this is a "win".

Some stories by the way....

Is Trump Just Making Fun Of The Deplorables?

It is time to ask the question......

Attention Mr. Trump - Expert Witness For Sale

Tell me what you want me to be a "witness" to, and how much you will pay, and........

Can a campaign implode in a nuclear way?

I think the Donald is making fun of his deplorables now......

Anyone Else Enjoying The Last Few Days? Meltdown....

All because of only one of the things that makes deplorables deplorable. Treatment of women by abuser(s).

Trump represents almost everything bad about America. His deplorables love his racism, division, hate etc. and they are going down.

Seeing him, and the sickness he represents, and puts on display makes me feel good. He got rich by screwing people, and with dishonesty. Even his bankruptcy lawyers need witnesses because he lied so much. This is what we call "business" these days. Screw 'em, and let the lawyers deal with it. But this didn't bring him down. Amazing.

Now we have a lot of problems that need addressed. It is up to us to make "government" actually begin serving all Americans instead of mostly plutocrats, and the more Trump melts down, the better we will be able to do this.

David Axelrod Is Lying On CNN

He said the coming days were going to be rough for America.

I totally disagree.

I enjoy watching Trump melt down, and take the GOP scum bags with him. The last few days have been great.

Watching them (surrogates) claim groping women is fine if yer Jeezusy enough, because of ISIS is pure comedy.

Hearing all the lies about the Clintons is kinda depressing, but that has been going of for decades. Tuned it all out years ago.

Fire Sanctuary - "there’s no penalty for mutual seduction, but the penalty for rape is castration”

Lyte glanced to his side. The speaker was one he had talked with earlier, a person of importance; she was the under secretary of the Military Council and a second officer. She was also a lovely blonde. Lyte had a weakness for blondes.

“Who am I to disagree?” he returned, handing her a drink from the nearby cantinatable. She smiled demurely, turning on the charm. He smiled in answer, with no need to attempt to be charming.

“Just be sure she’s willing—there’s no penalty for mutual seduction, but the penalty for rape is castration.”

Lyte somehow hung on to his composure. “What about a—false accusation? Somehow an apology wouldn’t, well—”

“Make up for things? The punishment for a false accusation is death.” She laughed, then, a perverse humor taking over in her. “Needless to say, they’ve had something like two rapes and one false witness in about four thousand years. I guess it works. The law, and their social system.”


This is an awesome book.

Only 2 rapes in 4,000 years.
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