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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Democrats Don't Have To Lie Like Republicans - What's Up With That?

I watch Kellyanne lie her ass off night after night. Then I watch Hillary's surrogates, and they never tell lies.

I wonder why the press never points out the fact that Democrats just don't have to lie.

If the "press" was actually "fair" we wouldn't even have Republicans.

Food for thought.

Bush Was A Monster/Disaster - No Democrats Will Say It

Not a one.

Total silence.

Sad isn't it.

Like we are all supposed to forget what happens when Republicans become president.

What the hell is wrong with our party?

Remember What Happened The Last Time We Elected A Republican President?

Turning a surplus into a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit.
Wars based on lies.
Millions of jobs lost.
Millions of homes foreclosed.
2nd worst depression in history.
Trashing our country's name across the planet.
Turning the middle east into a war zone.

I could keep typing for a while, but I am going to work now.

Gotta pay them taxes so the 1% can get their cut.....

Psssst. No one is talking about Bush. I wonder why. He was a monster.

Hillary's Real Crime And It Is Bad

Hillary is guilty.

She is guilty of taking the job as Secretary of State. Guilty of trying to repair some of the damage to our national interests, and international reputation done to us by the Bush years. Remember the Bush years? I do.

Guilty as hell I say.

Using her family status being popular worldwide to help heal some of the damage. And then having the gall to use her star power to raise money to help sick people across the planet. This is absolutely unacceptable.

Darn her.

Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

She should have been running fake charities, acting like a sexual predator, robbing people with a fake university, and screwing contractors, and being a horrible business failure instead. Let's not talk about all the money she pays in income tax......

Welcome to opposite world.

Where Would Trump Be Without Putin's Help?

Think about it. In order for the media to be "fair" reporting on Trump's many crimes, and sexual assaults, they need to bash Hillary with something. Since there is no real pay dirt on Hillary, they just need something. Anything. Here come's Putin and his hackers to give them the "something". Without the illegally hacked e-mails, they would have to go lower into the sewer, or farther back in time to bash Hillary, and appear to be fair.

Trump thanks Vladimir Putin, his biggest supporter.

Kinda makes me sick to think about it. Especially when Putin wants the favors returned.

Rec if having Putin as his #1 supporter bothers you.

Trump Is So Stupid He Thought He Could Urinate On Us, And Grab Our P's And Still Stay Rich

And his brand would survive, even after his racist, revolutionary, anti-democracy garbage rhetoric.

Trump will be bankrupt soon.

His name is not a punchline for sick jokes, and nothing more.

"Make America Great Again" by screwing contractors, and using Chinese steel.

Boycot All Trump Properties Built By Screwing Contractors And All Involved

I'm serious.

Who would want to have anything to do with anything with Trump's name on it?

A psychopath?

Republicans You Need To Get The F Out Of My Country

You urinate on our constitution, attempt to disrupt elections, and practice voter suppression. Your whole party platform is based on lies, and nonsense. Your actions are treasonous, and your leaders are pathetic serial liars.

Every single thing about your party is bad for what our founding fathers fought and died to create.

Just leave.

No, really.

Get the F out.


Dear God I Pray Soon You Will Take Away All Lying Trump Surrogates From My TV

I pray for this because constantly hearing their lies is almost too much for me.

Please help me pull through for the next 3 weeks so I can continue doing what I think Jesus would have me do. Please help me to not be distracted by the endless stream of lies from fake Christians, and power mad psychopath liars who are obviously serving Satan, and Putin......


What Are The Odds Republicans/Deplorables Burnt Their Own Office?

Who lives in a bubble where the whole world is against them?
Who ignores REALITY and refuses to learn or understand anything?
Who wants to "burn down" our "corrupt" government?

Not Democrats in North Carolina, or anywhere else.

There is a bunch of deplorables who have been yelling "burn it down"


"Donald Trump became an avatar for that seething dissatisfaction. With his gut instinct for an opportunity, he sensed the fragility of the Republican establishment and set himself against it, bolstered by his policy heterodoxies and roughhewn rhetorical style. Having no particular attachment to the Republican party as an institution, Trump was happy to cheer on calls to “Burn it down!”

Of course our corrupt media won't talk about this article.... or chant....

Someone heard his dog whistle it seems.
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