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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

Journal Archives

For Trying To Clean Up Bush's Mess - E-Mails Is What Hillary Gets

Isn't being a public servant great!


It's always something......

Bribery, Racketeering, Tax Fraud, Charity Fraud.... And The FBI Is Investigating Who?

Something smells.

Voter Suppression Is All Republicans Have To Offer

Kinda sucks to be them.....

The Move From George HW Bush To Trump Disproves Darwin

Republican Joh Meacham on CNN quote.....

Some Republicans get it.

Watch MSM Ignore Trump's Hosting Of Underage Sex / Drug Parties

Telling the truth may seem like piling on, not journalism......


I vote for the truth.

I heard enough lies about Hillary for a lifetime.

Balance The Budget On The Backs Of The Needy Right Republicans

By the way when I meet a Republican on the street, I am not nice to them.

I treat them just like they deserve.

I usually tell them to go back to their planet.

A Message For Teabaggers

If you get Ryan to quit like you did Boehner, who will lead your pack of morons?



Who hates America enough to try to destroy government enough to impress you?

Teabaggers = Go To Hell

You need to get the f out of my country and leave governing to people with working brains.

Trump Has Strong Support In The Heartland

There is a reason they call it the heartland, and not the brainland.....

How Stupid Are Trump Supporters?

They want him to "fix" what's wrong in Washington. Trump says he is gonna cut taxes (on the wealthy) and cut regulations for business. The fact that the wealthy don't pay taxes (we can re-invest) and un-taxed corporations operate freely is the problem. Trump doesn't even want to fix "the" problem.


Anything - Except How You Are Gonna Make Our Lives Better Right Donald?

Pure sideshow, zero substance.

And like no one has figured out the scam.

Here's how you fix America. Collect taxes from the folks who have benefited from our rigged system of not taxing unrealized capital gains, and use the money to fix our energy systems, and infrastructure. This would employ everyone that wants to work, and move our fossil fuel based extinction economy into something that doesn't make 500 species go extinct every day.

The Only Answer.

Anything but this answer (the wall) is pure bs.
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