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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

Journal Archives

Time For Rudi To Testify Under Oath

Which FBI Agent told you and the Trump Campaign what, and when?


What they shall forever be known by......

Some of us actually believe in democracy.

Whoda thunkit?

Trump Thanks God He Has The Support From Stupid White Males

Because that is about it.....

Who Here Thinks Trump Has Raped More Than One Underage Girl?

You heard about his parties right?

Republicans Can Only Win If They Suppress Enough Votes

Now where is the news asshole with enough courage to tell the truth.

Look at North Carolina, and the call for poll "watching" by assholes.

They can only win by cheating.

Our FBI Is Working With The KGB

Whoda Thunkit?

All to take Hillary down.....

It's up to us to stop them!

A Vote For Trump Is A Vote For Mother Russia

And I mean it.

F you Putin.

Is A Vote For Trump A License To Sexually Assault Any Woman You Want

If you think you are special?

I say yes.

Instead Of Freedom Of The Press How About Freedom Of The Citizen

To not be lied to constantly by "the press" and fed pure garbage propaganda by billionaire controlled scum?

Does the citizen have any rights to the information bombarding our brains every day?

If over 5% of your "pundits" statements, are obviously false, and opinions are idiotic, then you lose your first amendment rights. How about that corporate controlled lie spewers and truth and real news ignorers?

Why Does The Media Ignore Most Of Trump's "Problems" ???

Like why Putin is working so hard to elect him.
Like his charity fraud.
His tax fraud.
His sexual attacks.
His Trump U scam.
His lifetime of screwing people over.
This list goes on, like forever.

All I hear about is e-mails, e-mails, and more e-mails.

It sucks.

The press isn't free. It is corporate controlled, and is destroying our nation. Our press has become the enemy of all that is good.

We need to do something about it.
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