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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Trump = Criminal / Con Artist /// Hillary = Public Servant -- Media Can't Tell The Difference

Trump has scammed thousands, and the media ignores it, but boy howdy, sending your own emails on your own server, that is the crime of the century.

How about the media reporting on the supposedly $400 million tax payer dollars spent investigating the Clintons with nothing found.

Talk about the Republicans screwing us....

They Have To Attack Hillary On CGI / E-Mails / Benghazi Because They Have Nothing - It's Sickening

The press plays along.....

If Hillary was that bad, Republicans would have something real to complain about. They obviously don't. Obviously.

The entire Republican strategy for dealing with the Clintons' has for 30 years been lie and attack, lie and attack, lie and attack, lie and attack, lie and attack, lie and attack, lie and attack, lie and attack, and lie some more. The press always broadcasts their lies without a challenge. It's insane.

Even if there is no there there, a human mind assumes "someone" did something wrong, because why would they be attacked all the time if they didn't. An effective strategy to smear people trying to help others that don't have a billion to spend on elections.

The Clintons' are attacked because they are Democrats, not because they did anything really wrong.

On a scale of 1 to 10 on my hate for Republicans it is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 to the trillionth power.

Hillary, please send Don the Con to jail where he belongs after you win all 50 states.


Quickpoll - Would You Pay Mexico $17 (Per American) To Keep Trump?

Borowitz Report

"Obama Pays Mexico Five Billion Dollars to Keep Donald Trump"


Mexico's president is so corrupt, he would keep half.....

Maybe this guy could pay my property taxes.


Can We Sue The Press?

CNN and MSNBC have the word "news" in their names.

Calling what they do news is fraud.

Can they be sued?

Fox never counts but should be shut down, not sued. It is pure propaganda with zero credibility.

I Can't Believe Trump Hasn't Dropped Out

Trump is an idiot, but he is smart enough to see how badly he will lose. And the press hasn't even started interviewing the people he screwed over (by the thousands) yet.

Good thing our media is part of his campaign propping him up, and letting his surrogates lie their asses off defending his idiocy.

Sacrifice democracy for horserace/advertising dollars.

It's kinda like Woodward not printing who the Valerie Plame leaker (cover blower) was until after the election, even though he knew. Had to help Bush, and get his access!!!!

You Want 4 More Years Of Obama Or Bush?

Trump's surrogates keep babbling to their minions a vote for Hillary is a vote for another 4 years of Obama.


How about some Democrat saying a vote for Trump is for another 4 years of Bush?

Remind me how America did last time we elected a Republican for president.

I wonder why the Bush disaster is never discussed by Democrats, or anyone else.

I haven't heard anyone talk about "W" since the South Carolina primary.


Bush crushed millions with his "haves and have mores base" policies. Borrowing trillions to pour into the offshore accounts of the well to do.

Name One Thing Republicans Have Done To Help President Obama Create Jobs

Whenever I get into a discussion with a Republican I ask them to "Name One Thing Republicans Have Done To Help President Obama Create Jobs". They always try to change the subject. They know......

After 7 years of opposing anything the president tried to do to create jobs, from the stimulus to extending unemployment, and infrastructure spending, they now say vote for us to create jobs. 7 years of sabotage, and they want a reward? Austerity!

This is sick.

Republicans belong in asylums, not in government.

Message For Trump Minions - It's Reaganomics That Crush Poor/Minorities Not "Democrat" Policies

The stream of Trump nonsense babblers on the TeeVee mouthing bs is endless, and pathetic. All these Trump Surrogates are trying to convince minorities to blame Democrats for the fact it is so hard to get ahead. Really? Democrats?

De-regulating corporations, and cutting corporate taxes, and cutting taxes for billionaires is all the GOP has to offer in the way of economics. Oh yeah, I forgot, trashing unions. I won't even mention the environment, and voting no on disaster aid.

Republicans don't give a damn about poor people. As far as they are concerned the poor can starve, or die because they can't afford a doctor. The sooner the poor die the better in a Republican's eyes. Republicans even brag about how many people they kick off "welfare" regardless of the circumstances. Then they push for a "tax holiday" so the corporations that made money by offshoring jobs can bring the money back tax free to give to their filthy rich stockholders.

If you aren't doing well, put the blame where it belongs.


Trump's Father Was Klan - Of Course Media Ignores It!

Our infotainment news built Trump, broadcast his lies and hubris like there was no tomorrow, and never once interviewed anyone he screwed over. Thousands of Trump victims completely ignored by our "news" scum.

Trump is their ratings creation, and man their creation is ugly.

America is so screwed.

"In 1927, Donald Trumpís father was arrested after a Klan riot in Queens"


Hey CNN, MSNBC, you got scooped.

Fox, you don't count, you don't do any news, just propaganda 24/7.

Half My Government Is Trying To Destroy My Government - Drown It In A Bathtub

And they want to complain about a quarterback not standing up for our "land of the not so free" song.

If you are a billionaire, you are free to do whatever you want. I am sure every one of them are standing (while handing out checks).
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