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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Trump Has To Attack The Khan's

It's who he is.

It's the scorpion and the frog thing.

When Will The Entire Fake Conservative "Republican Brand" Be Exposed As A Fraud?

They talk Jesus, but ignore all Jesus taught.
They are fiscally conservative except for when it comes to money going to the wealthy.
They don't even believe in conserving our planet.
They think they can kill their way to peace (and profitability).
Their economic policies are fairy dust, and trickle down tax cut destruction.
I could go on.

Their whole brand is a fraud.

They are simply racist, fearful bullies, and don't give a damn about anyone but themselves. Not even their kids. They have no boundaries, and will viciously attack public servants, heroes, and patriots, (with lies) simply because they don't like what they say.


This needs to be pounded home at every opportunity.

These people, today's Republicans are rabid animals, and not conservative in any way.

Republican Dream = Making America The Wasteland On Road Warrior

And we are not calling them out on their "economic policies".

Paul Ryan's fairy money budgets.

Tax cuts for the Cayman Island accounts, and the carnage and burning planet left for the young and the poor to deal with.

Stand up to their trickle down destruction policies.

Stand your ground.

Trump Only Has One Talent - Finding Suckers

Now that should be our campaign theme.

Anyone listening?

From the Trump University scam to doing projects while calculating screwing contractors into cost projections.

Rec if you agree this should be the main attack on Trump.

What About Bush? Not One Peep About The Last Republican President's Carnage

America barely survived the last Republican President.

The entire Republican Party agrees with his insane economic policies.

We missed a huge opportunity to attack the economic terrorists and failures by pointing this out.

Trickle Down, and Tax Cuts For Corporate Outsourcers is insane, and we forgot to mention it.


The Republicans Keep Saying Trump Is A Successful Businessman

But they never talk about how many people went bankrupt when his 6 bankruptcies destroyed their companies.

To call someone with 6 bankruptcies successful is like calling Charles Manson a humanitarian.

Where is the pushback?

Amazing How Many Dems Don't Understand Why Trump Will Win

I know this post will probably be hidden because I will be telling it straight. Many people support Trump even though they don't like him, because "he isn't corrupt" they tell me (when I ask). Think about it. Everyone with a working brain understands our government works for the wealthy, and the corporations they own. There is a lot of distraction, but this is a simple fact that is undeniable. I can provide more links than you can imagine.

Half the people who can vote don't because they feel both parties are corrupt and it doesn't make a difference. We here know it makes a difference, but it would be great if the people who want government to work for them instead of the 1% actually voted for DEMOCRATS. Ain't gonna happen. The Republican Trump supporters will never vote for any Democrat, but they are only 15% of the population. The other 85% will vote for whoever they think will fix their major problems. When they see no one taking on the wealthy and powerful, and actually fixing THE REAL PROBLEM / A CORRUPT GOVERNMENT they are willing to entertain the idea of voting for the candidate that is calling our candidate corrupt.

Michael Moore understands. Do you?


I am really tired of watching a corrupt government pass pro-corporate legislation (errrr...like TPP...soon) while we are expected to work harder for less every day, while our owners pile more money in their offshore accounts un-taxed. So is the 50% of Americans who have given up on our government. I will vote like a madman for Democrats, even though......

I can't say it without being banned.

Trump will win because of the corruption in our party.

Sorry. You will never hear that on CNN, MSNBC, or FOX. Their owners benefit from the corruption, and the gravy train must roll on. It's like the "losing" candidate's message went right by "the party" so they can continue business as usual. Millions are sick of business as usual, and would rather have a madman in the White House who will blow it all up than continue watching a corrupt government in action.

I am 100% serious.

Now when will "my" party start taking on the real problem America faces? Our worst problem. Our corruption...... I won't hold my breath.

So Any Attack On HRC No Matter How Vile Is OK With Republicans Right?

In my opinion Republicans are all traitors, and if it was up to me, they would all be tried and face a firing squad upon conviction.

They are beyond low.

Remember, every attack on Hillary is now an attack on all Democrats.

It's not like there is any way she could possibly be more corrupt than the goons taking the 900 Million from the Koch Brothers on their best day.

What About Prosecuting Karl Rove For Deleting 5.5 Million E-Mails?

Not a peep from the GOP.

A Vote For Trump Is A Death Sentence For Your Children

Face it.

There is not one single problem on the planet he will be able to make better.

I don't care what he says, because he is a constant liar.

Plus he would rather drop an h-bomb than let someone damage his ego.

Vote Trump = Kill Your Children

Couldn't be simpler......
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