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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
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Hillary Mailed Surrogate Caucus Forms To Her "Likely" Voters - So They Can Lie And Vote Easier

Story from Kos.

"“Special Message from President Clinton.” Enclosed with the letter was the Surrogate Affidavit Form for the 2016 Democratic Precinct Caucus. This form allows people who have schedule conflict due to religious observance or work, or a disability or illness to submit a caucus vote without attending.""


So you can fill out the caucus forms if you are too lazy to caucus, and lie about the fact that you are too lazy to caucus.

No verification.

I think every single Clinton Surrogate Form should be challenged.

The person has to prove they had to go to work, or church, or had a doctor's appointment for their caucus vote to count.

This is beyond sick.

Anything to win right Hillary?

And to think every establishment Democrat here endorsed her, when Bernie is gonna smoke her in Washington State, playing fair and square.

Closing 340 Polling Places In Maricopa County Planned - Not Accident

Done on purpose.

The harder it is to vote the better Republicans do.

"In 2008, there were 400 polling places."


And the Democratic Party does nothing..... It's like they want Republicans to win every election.

No wonder half of all eligible voters don't even try.

I am beyond pissed off.

Today Democrats Decide - More Of The Same - Or Real Change

The choices can't be more clear.

If you like our billionaire and corporate ran government where what the people want doesn't matter, you know who to vote for.

If you want a government that works for all of us, you also know who to vote for.

Throw away the rest of the hog wash that has been spewed about "the primaries".

With one candidate little will change, with the other one, everything will.

Use your heads friends.

(I am not saying anything will be easy, but there is real hope and millions of volunteers to work for real change this time)

CNN Using Bernie As A Backdrop While They Talk About Hillary - Sick

So my wife was watching Fareed. His show was over then they went to the next show. The "host" showed the BS delegate count, of course showing the number with superdelegates, and not saying half Hillary's delegates were not pledged. Useful omission by corporate scum sucking media. Then they showed Bernie as a backdrop for 5 minutes while they talked primarily about Clinton. Never once did they turn on what Bernie was actually saying. If it was Trump he would have got at least 10 minutes uninterrupted of course.

It made me sick.

The Clinton News Network, in the tank for Hillary.

What the hell can we do.

Well today I went out and put out 2 Bernie signs, and stopped by his campaign office in Seattle and volunteered. I will be phone banking and door knocking every day until the Washington State Primary.

F You CNN.

Let's All Thank Bernie And Others For Peeling Back The Curtain (Corporate/Billionaire Control)

From Occupy, to BLM, and others to now the Sanders Campaign.

Many of us knew, and understood how rigged the system was.

Bernie's campaign has voiced the same issues Occupy and BLM and others have been trying to beat into American's heads for years.

It is finally sinking in.


Thank You Bernie And All Your Supporters.

It Is About Time.

Howard Dean Fed up with Bernie supporting cyber bullies and negative campaign tactics against HRC #2


Thank you

Howard Dean Verified account

Sorry to disappoint. Fed up with Bernie supporting cyber bullies and negative campaign tactics against HRC who I like and respect


P.S. Reposted from Hillary Group for whom almost all of DU is banned.

Now let us Democrats say what we think about Howard Dean's crocodile tears.

I guess Howard is not happy. The entire corporate wing of the Democratic Party, the entrenched power brokers who love our pay to play system, and the billionaire owned press all want the nominee to be Hillary. I guess some silly college kids are being mean to them. Boo F-ing Hoo.

Instead of saying what I really think about a once great Democrat, what do you have to say.

7,843 Minutes Of Trump Speaking On MSM - Sanders 3 Minutes - HRC 3 Minutes

These for profit mofo's should not be allowed to use the airways, or cable networks to broadcast this much hate.

"Get a job" crap from the Dumpster. Where, in the factories on China making Trump hats? A-hole.

If Bernie and Hillary got as much air time, and it should be mandatory, Trump would have a much smaller pack of racists following him. Bernie and Hillary would have their messages of hope, and a non white supremacist future for America heard, and people with working brains would have a better idea of the difference between our candidates, and crazy town.

Ain't gonna happen though.

The only thing worse than Republicans is the media.

It really sucks turning on my television, which is how I like to get my news, and see wall to wall Trump Hate Speech Coverage.

This pissed me off more than even the things Trump says.

John Kasich Pathetic Lie About Bad Iraq Intelligence

Here is what he said word for word in an interview on CNN tonight "We went into Iraq because they said we had the intelligence that Saddam had a weapon of mass destruction".

Newsflash Kasich. There was no "they" saying anything of the sort. There was zero credible evidence that Saddam had any WMD's. To say something different is a f-ing lie. You Republicans are still trying to let Bush and Cheney off the hook for lying. They "they" is Bush and Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice. Not one single shred of credible evidence. Zero. Stop lying.

This lie won't and has not ever worked except for with people about half as smart as my dog. A typical Republican voter.

Kasich, there was nothing but lies about WMD's.

All the Americans (and others) who buried their kin because of Bush's lies don't deserve you trying to justify them.

History is history.

Romney: “What Bernie Sanders knows is simply wrong" - Really?

So here is what Mitt knows.

He can get a pot of money from his filthy rich buddies, and buy a company who is making money, and has a great balance sheet. He then sells off it's assets, and loads the company up with debt, by borrowing from government supported banks, and others (suckers), and pays himself, and his buddies millions upon millions in profits. He then offshores all production to China, lays off all the workers, and then files for bankruptcy. He and his buddies pocket millions, and the tax payers get stuck with having to take care of the employees, because the bankruptcy wiped out their retirement fund, I mean what was left after the Romney Gang drained it. The employees are technically, and actually robbed of their retirements by ol Mitt by the thousands.

Repeat on another company.

Vulture Capitalism at it's finest.

What Mitt Knows.....

F-You Mitt.

I Am Sure HRC Supporters Are Glad MSM Is 100% On Their Side Against Sanders

The coverage of Bernie Sanders in the media is sickening. From outright unchallenged lies (like the 90% tax rate I saw on 3 separate occasions) to outright omissions. On, and on, and on. The skewing of the success he had last weekend taking more delegates, and winning 3 out of 4 states is appalling. When they report on Bernie they do it in the most derogatory and discounting way possible. Just look at Chris Matthews. How about listing all the super delegates with every reference, not actual pledged delegates with no disclaimers that the super delegates will switch if Bernie wins the pledged.

If Bernie wins, and can change campaign finance, the media may lose billions upon billions in ad revenue. No way they will let that happen. Full speed ahead Hillary/Trump as far as they are concerned.

How about my concerns?

I am sick of this lopsided playing field.

As to my OP, I am sure the HRC supporters appreciate all the help they are getting from our billionaire owned press. I am sure they know if the playing field was fair, Bernie would be smoking her too.

Here is example #7988765354687

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