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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Not One Single Republican Congressman's Office Is Answering Phone This Morning In My State

I either get voicemail, or mail box full.

You can run, and you can hide.

Hillary Laughed At 12 Year Old Rape Victim = Lie = Insane Abuse Of Public Defenders / Hillary

Laughing at a 12 year old rape victim would be horrible. Of course Hillary did no such thing.

The Clinton's have been attacked with savage lies for years. The goal of "Republicans" is clear. Lie, and lie, and lie, and lie about folks. When "regular folks" hear about all of the thousands / millions of baseless attacks, they have to believe "some" of them are true.

This strategy works. Look at Hillary's "unfavorables".

There is no meter to measure my hatred for Republicans, their party, and their nominee.

They are well beyond scum.


Hillary's only real crime is being a Democrat.

The fact that Trump told this lie should be the top story, not that the animal "stopped the bleeding" or other crap.

How Many Lawyers Are Going Over The Undisclosed Trump Tapes/Videos Tonight?

I bet there are a lot more of the same.

I bet the lawyers are going over them right now.

The News Hosts seem to all know they are coming.

Michael Steele Admitted "There's More Coming"

With a smile on his face.

There's more coming.

Stay tuned to this channel.

Tonight Hillary Could Have Threatened To Jail Trump (If Elected) For

BondiGate Bribery
Illegal Campaign Contributions (by the dozen)
Charity Foundation Fraud
Tax Evasion
Trump U Scam
Contractor Scam / Fraud
And a few more.

Get my drift.....


What a laugh.

Where's KellyAnne?

Protecting her pu$$y?

That would be my guess.

Maybe the filth got to be too much for her ya think?

And there is more to come!

The Economy Is Fine Jerks - I Remember When Bush Left Office - Duh

Not that long ago, when the Bush Gang trashed our economy, my house was worth around $300,000 on Zillow. Now it is worth over $600,000. All I hear is the Trump Scum babbling about how crappy our economy is, and how everything is collapsing.


I know I am fortunate, especially after having the best month in years in my business, and for others it is not the same. What pisses me off is the fact that compared to where "we" were as a country in 2009, there is no comparison. We have a lot of work to do, making the filthy rich pay taxes like you and me, and using the money to fix EVERYTHING, but America in my town isn't failing......

Sorry Trump Trash deplorables. "Your" economy sucks because you are idiots. Drinking beer, and watching Fox Lies doesn't pay......

Is Pence Going To Quit?

He will never be Vice President and he knows it.

What good does it do for him to "help" Donald Trump?

He can't help getting the slime all over him, and it doesn't wash off, ever.

Quitting is his only real option in my opinion if he ever wants to run for anything again.

Great Day In America - Watching The Seeds Republicans Planted And Watered And Fertilized

Grow into a Donald Trump with a basket of deplorables.

The Frankenstein is eating it's creator(s).

The GOP.

Good going dip sh*ts.

A Great Day In America!

Got a rail car full of popcorn!

"It's 9:25 - Do You Know Where Your Candidate Is?"

Heard on CNN.

I guess "reporters" are "gathered" outside Trump Tower expecting a "comment"......

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