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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

Journal Archives

What's Happening? 538 Just Put Trump's Chances To Win

At 13.2%, up from 13.1% when I refreshed.

He's gaining ground!

It's Great To Be Rich - You Can Grope, Kiss, Grab......

Any girl you want, and if they complain, you can use your attorneys money and power to destroy their lives.

If they do complain, you can sue, and sue, and sue them, any media outlet that prints the truth about your behavior.

Being rich is GREAT!

Anyone have a problem with this?

Go Fund Me Page For Accusers Trump Will Sue

Would raise millions in days.

Trump would lose again.....

Evangelicals - Go Vote For Trump Then Grab A P

Because grabbing a girl's p is just fine in Jesusworld.

Jerry Faulwell's Jesus Is Different Than My Jesus

"A man of God" plans on voting for a sexual predator, regardless. And a pervert.

What the hell do you call God Jerry?

Larry Flynt?

Hugh Hefner?

You, and your Trump loving buddies are sick puppies.

Creepy Donald Walking In On Naked Minors Is A Crime

Just add it to the list.....

"Creepy" Donald Loved Walking In On Naked Beauty Contest Girls

Whoda Thunkit.....

Maybe Hillary should start calling him creepy Donald.

I think that would be acceptable.

Do you?

Personal Message For CNN / MSNBC - Don't Let Trump Surrogates Insult My Intelligence By Lying

And lying, and lying, and lying some more.

If you want to have a Trump Surrogate on, you need a fact checker to go Ding! every time they spout a lie.

I am getting offended watching you give a platform to liars like Kellyanne Conway.

Her lies are blatant, and in my face, and I don't like it.

Hillary did not get the rapist of a 12 year old off.

That is a VERY OFFENSIVE LIE Kellyanne.

Lying about Hillary is an entire industry with career opportunities, and this makes me support her all that much more assholes.

I guess your campaign figures if you tell enough lies about Hillary, we will forget about all of Donald's actual crimes. Am I right Kellyanne? Bribery. Charity fraud. Racketeering. You know. The open and shut cases a first quarter law student could successfully prosecute......

I am sick of turning on "news" and hearing lies. That is the reason I never watch Fox. The constant lies.

Kellyanne Conway Lying Her Ass Off On Anderson Cooper Again

If you have to lie all the time Kellyanne, what does that tell me about your sucky candidate?

Hillary did not get the rapist of a 12 year old off.


Hillary did not laugh at a 12 year old rape victim.


Hillary is an awesome lawyer. That's the story. Maybe if the prosecutors didn't throw away the evidence, Hillary would have not been effective ya think?

Lying Is Ok When It Is About The Clintons Right?

Republican scumbags.....

I thought Christians weren't supposed to lie.

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