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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Anti TPP? Pro Worker? Pro Environment? = You're Fired - Just Ask Ed Schultz - Total BS!!!!!

The corporations get what they want. Always. Who is gonna stop 'em".

No one with a national media platform could possibly speak out.

We're so screwed.

TPP Horror - What Are You Doing?

From what I understand, the TPP is devastating for all but powerful corporations.

What are you going to do to defend your family from yet another corporate sell out.?

Obama's TPP Deal Will Completely Destroy His Legacy

Pushing TPP will do for Obama's legacy what pardoning Mark Rich did for Clinton's.

Probably worse.

I wonder if he cares......

Remember America's Last Republican President?

It amazing how no one, Democrat or Republican ever mentions the fact that the last Republican president almost destroyed our country.

We will never be able to undo all the damage Bush did.

Why is the never ever ever mentioned?

For The Love Of God No More Bike Lanes Replacing Car Lanes - This Is Seattle Its Winter

The other day I noticed they took away a lane on what used to be a two lane main arterial, and made it into one lane with a bike lane. It is 40 degrees outside and drizzling. Only the most hearty are on a bicycle freezing here in Seattle for the next 5 months.

The traffic was backed up for 20 blocks at this "improvement". It was a two lane street Roosevelt, merging into 15th Northwest. The traffic was backed up behind the 125th street traffic light, all the way to 105th street. 20 F-ing blocks. Nothing was moving. Nothing.

Now I live as green as I can. I don't ride a bicycle for a number of reasons, mostly because it rains here, it is cold, and riding a bicycle is dangerous, especially if you can't see because your visor is wet. I drive a Volt, and rarely use gas, have super insulated my house, and use very little carbon to survive.

The point is, there was not one bicycle using the bike lane, and if they wanted to ride their bicycle, they could easily and even more safely ride one block to the East on residential streets. There was hundreds of cars backed up behind the traffic light, sitting at idle, and not even moving.

What is better for the environment. Having hundreds of cars sit and idle an extra half hour a day, so a half a dozen people can ride a bicycle, or have 2 lanes of traffic so people can get home in cars that burn less, and less gas, and even go electric?

Please answer that question all you rocket surgeons down at Seattle's City Hall...... By the way thousands of people have moved to Seattle recently, and the traffic is insane. Constantly they take away lanes from cars so buses can run once every 10 minutes, or worse yet so a couple people can ride bicycles while thousands sit in their cars in gridlock.

At some point someone is going to have to wake up.... They could put the bike trails / paths safely through residential neighborhoods, and leave the main streets moving people by the thousand. Make bicycle crossings of major streets. Everyone wins, and people can get home from work an hour earlier.

Name One Thing Bush Did That Wasn't A Disaster For Most Americans - I Dare You

Republicans complain non-stop about president Obama. I had a neighbor tell me the other day Bush wasn't so bad, but Obama is horrible. I asked him to name one thing Bush did a better job of than Obama. Of course he couldn't

Please help me out.

Please name one thing Bush did while in office that was good for my family.

Ben Carson Is Not Running For President

On Lawrence O'Donnell they pointed it out.

He is trying to build a list of folks to market to. He wants to be rich!!!!!

He is working them Jeezus people like there is no tomorrow.

And they are buying!!!!

Jeb! Can't Figure Out Why No One Wants Another Bush Presidency

He is spending all that money on ads.

Still no one supports him.

Gee, I wonder why.

Ya think the problem may be the last time we had a president named Bush, everything, and I mean every single thing went to sh*t.

Why Do Democrats Ignore Massive Voter Suppression?

Every day it gets harder for many of the poor, and minorities to vote. This is not a coincidence. The Republicans make it as hard as possible to vote, if your "group" supports Democrats over Republicans. This would include minorities, and the poor, and of course people convicted of a crime.

The Democrats don't seem to care one little bit. If any of them complain at all, it still seems unimportant.

I think the Democrats should make ending voter suppression the main plank of their platform. Going after the people trying to make it harder to vote with everything they got, instead of just sniveling occasionally.

But who am I.....

(Someone who knows every single Republican who can, votes every time, while most Americans don't even try)

Maybe if the poor and minorities understood how hard Democrats were working for their voting rights, 75% of them wouldn't stay home on election day.

But who am I.....

Dr. Carson - How Old Is The Earth?

The only thing worse than Republicans, is the press, except for in this case Fareed Zacharia.

Whey they treat Republicans like normal people, when they are batsh*t crazy is not right.

Today, if you are a Republican, you belong in an asylum, or worse.

Voting Republican is an act of treason in my opinion.

Just ask a scientist.

Dr. Carson, how old is the Earth.


Evolution is the bedrock of Bioloy, and Biology is the bedrock of Medicine.

Carson doesn't understand the subject he teaches at Yale.
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