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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Who Has Failed At Their Job Worse Than Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Brownie? Bush? Tenent?

I really can't think of a one.

Under Debbie's leadership, the Democrats are losing EVERYTHING.

They would have lost the White House in 2012 if a serial job axe murderer wasn't running against Obama.

She may be good at collecting millions from billionaires, but is that really what the Democratic Party needs the most?

I don't think so.

Trumpsplaining - Defending The Sickening Things Trump Says

Who is the top Trumpsplainer today?

Meghan Kelly probably. "Schlonged" is ok with her.....

Lawrence O'Donnell - 61% Of Trump Supporters Think Obama Not Born In USA

61%. Wow! I mean wow! Whooooah....

Republican voters only 44%. Trump supporters 61%

How do you deal with insane people?

Why does the media treat insane people like the rest of us anyway?

So Hillary Wants My Support Once She Wraps Up Nomination - Here's The Facts

I like Hillary, and figure she would probably do a fair job as president. I would also never vote for a Republican, no matter what. The thing is, it would be hard for me to fight for her, phone banking, and the rest, as hard as i would for Bernie. Sorry.

This country needs fundamental change. Bernie, with millions of us joining his revolution could take back some of Wall Street's power. With Hillary, there is no indication she would ever take on the billionaire class.

There it is.

Sorry Hillary. Pretending to be what I want in a candidate is not the same thing as fighting your while life for the least among us. I say this appreciating what you have done during your career.

It will be hard for me to motivate myself to fight for someone that has taken so much money from the billionaire class. I would have to trust you to work for my family harder than them, knowing your will need their money for your re-election.

Once again sorry. You will still get my vote, and my support.

Is Limiting Debates And Scheduling Them Not For Prime Time Bad For The Democratic Party

With all the crazy from the 17 (and dropping) Republicans, I would think the more we showed Democrats running for president are serious, and willing to discuss reality, the better for all Democrats.

I guess Debbie Wasserman Schultz disagrees.

Of course she is wrong. We all know it. What can we do?

DWS Must Be A Republican - A Republican Couldn't Have Hurt Democrats More

Look at her record. It stinks.

Scuba posted this: Under DWS Democrats have lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats. Yet some here are still defending her. Which side are they on?

I do not know if those are the actual numbers, but having the grass roots ignored, and all the Clinton favoritism, it is amazing she is still dragging our party down.

Wake Up Democrats.

Pssssst Obama....... Are you sleeping?

DWS Is Rat F-ing Our Party And Bernie At The Same Time - Scheduling Debates For Low Viewership

Her helping Hillary, by scheduling the debates at times where they have the least chance of people watching them is totally insane.

The lengths this girl, and her DNC buddies will go to to hurt our party, and help Hillary is mind blowing.

Prepare for president Cruz.....

I am pissed.

Having Americans watching 3 good candidates discuss real issues is good for Democrats.

DWS (and her buddies) are bad for Democrats.


Ever Heard "They Are All The Same" From Anyone Talking About Politicians?

I have, way too many times. All of us here know all politicians are not the same. The problem is the half of the people that don't vote see the "government" working to make sure the .01% gets everything they want, while their family suffers. They blame "Washington" not Republicans, or Democrats. They are too burned out to even think past the sound bites.

It would be nice if all of our party stood up for the 99% all of the time, so no one could ever say "they are all the same" again. Too bad half our Democratic Party is working for Wall Street, and the fat cats, and not our families.

If Democrats (all Democrats) fought as hard for the 99% as the Republicans fight for corporations, and billionaires, we wouldn't have Republicans.

Go ahead. Nominate the 3rd Way, DLC, girl, and have her campaign paid for by the fat cats that are robbing our families, and destroying our planet. Just pretend she will look out for our families, instead of the people that gave her all those millions for her campaign.

Time for change. Will it happen? With 50 Trillion Dollars in wealth choosing our candidates for us? With the entire party infrastructure supporting the Wall Street candidate over the one that has worked his whole life for working families?

Use your heads people. For once.

Seattle 500 Bernie Bumper Stickers - Zero Hillary Bumper Stickers Seen - Hillary Leading? Really?

I live in Seattle, and see a Bernie bumper sticker on one out of every 50 or so cars I see. Just a guess, but probably pretty close. Maybe it is 1 in 100. What I don't see is any Hillary bumper stickers. Not a single one. Zero passionate supporters for Hillary in Seattle.

Same with signs. I see Bernie yard signs all over the place, and not a single Hillary yard sign. Zero. None. Period.

Don't tell me Hillary has any kind of huge lead.

I think the polls are pure bullshit.

Every single person I know supports Bernie, even though they mostly all like Hillary as well.

Folks, we are being lied to.

Someone else thinks so.....

"Hillary Clinton does not lead the Democratic Primary!"


There is no way Hillary has anywhere near as many supporters in Seattle, or anywhere else as Bernie.

We are being lied to folks.


Trump Doesn't Care If He Is Turning Moderate Muslims Into Terrorists

It is what Republicans live for.

Better to fight them "over there" right Donald?

The ideas of chickens coming home to roost is for people with working brains, not a typical Republican primary dirt bag.
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