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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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If You Don't Support Bernie You Support Corporate Control Of Government

I have a lot of respect for Mrs. Clinton. Unfortunately for her there is only one candidate running for president who has taken no prisoners in the war for working Americans. We can't keep giving the plutocrats a loaf of bread every time, and be expected to live off the crumbs falling from their spittle.

They take, we pay. We serve, they profit. We die, they reap. That's been the name of the game for far too long.

Bernie, with our help will change that.

Hillary, not so much.... She owes the plutocrats for helping her raise $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. She will also need their $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for her re-election if she is nominated. No way she will make a dent in their obscene profits. If you don't believe this, you need to see a doctor.

Don't be a fool.

It's not about Bernie. It's about -US- taking back control of our country from the billionaires who would kill a million children for a penny a share, and regularly do.


Goldman Sachs, Hillary's best buddies, are possibly the biggest pieces of human feces to ever walk the earth. Believe me she will be working for them (continuing to) and not us.

3 Fundraising E-Mails From Hillary Campaign In 2 Days - Hey I'm A Bernie Guy

After zero emails ever, I got 3 from the Hillary campaign.

No problem, but I think they are burning the database big time. I give to a lot of (good) candidates. I am probably on every list....

Conservative Now Means Dumb As A Dirt Clod

I walked by the tee vee while my wife was watching CNN this morning. I heard Ted Cruz name some early primary states, and claim "those are conservative states" and this got me thinking. I imagine by being an American Conservative in a conservative state you have to have the IQ of a dirt clod. No really. I have heard all kinds of people describe "conservatives", and to me it means "a stupid person" who only cares about themselves. Someone who is scared to death of everything, and hates big government, until it is them that needs help, then they are screaming for their handout at the top of their lungs. Very, very, stupid greedy idiots who haven't got a clue about anything. Americans who deny reality, and don't even understand simple math. Today's modern conservatives. Fools. Lemmings. People who celebrate ignorance. Just look at Sarah Palin, and Michelle Bachman for starters. Trump's "birtherism", his rise to Republican fame also counts. Birthers. Gimmee a break. I just call them assholes.

My hats off to Rush, and Murdoch for creating an army if ignorant, fearful, greedy, cowardly otherwise good people. And I haven't said anything about Jeebus. They are scared to death of losing power, and would promote, and believe any lie or distortion to further their destructive cause, and hang onto their "privilege" for a short time longer.

People who call themselves conservatives make me sick. They are not concerned about conserving anything. Especially our planet. They should just rename themselves dumbasses.

America Won't Vote For A Socialist But Accepts Fascism

Our government is in bed with powerful corporations, everywhere you turn.


We are already a fascist nation 100%. Our vote is almost meaningless. Just ask Don Siegelman, Kathleen Harris, Al Gore, or Ken Blackwell.

Try the Fascist 5 on the Supreme Court.

Why have an election when the loser can sue, and the Supreme Court can just appoint a different winner.

No One Could See This Coming Right? Gas Pipeline Leaking

I wonder what the contingency plan is for a massive gas leak, put in place by our gas suppliers.

Oh yeah, I should have known.

Their contingency plan is the same as Deep Water Horizon. Grab your ankles. We got no plan.


Drill Baby Drill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Wonder They Don't Hate Us More - Blame Republicans

When I look at the big picture, the world, I wonder why citizens of other nations don't hate the United States even more. I am not just talking about Muslims, I am talking about anyone that lives within 10 feet of sea level. Anyone that can't feed their family. Anyone that can't earn a living and support their family.

Now we all know Americans, and organizations like the Gate Foundation, and many others, including the UN (funded primarily by U.S. tax payers) do a lot of good, necessary work across the globe. Taken into account all the "good" Americans do, we now have to look at the bad.

Wall Street, and Republicans that fight for the wealthy and powerful with every action they take. Republicans (and sellouts) who do all they can to help the powerful rob Americans, and others at every opportunity, unopposed. Ever heard of de-regulation? Climate change denial? Cutting corporate taxes? Free markets for starters? The rest would take a year to type.

Every single suffering person on this planet with half a brain knows who to blame for their problems. The insanely wealthy in America, and in other countries who take, and don't give back. Who hoard their wealth, and buy enough politicians and influence to keep their taxes low. Who suck money out of economies, and stick it in the Cayman Islands, or Swiss bank accounts. Who incorporate in Luxembourg, or Ireland, and have their engines spinning 10,000 RPM in the race to the bottom. Who fight all efforts to curb global warming, so weather disasters keep getting worse, and it gets harder, and harder for farmers to feed their families the world over. A few of them even know the ocean is dying (acidification) but you won't hear that on the news. It's just that we have the military to enforce it all.

I don't even want to talk about the war pigs.

I think the main reason we have a military as mighty as today, is to keep "free trade" flowing, regardless of the fact that so many are driven into the dust being paid starvation wages, making cheap throw away crap which is destroying our environment the world over.

"The way it is" sucks for billions on this planet. They can look at the greedy bastards who would kill for a penny a share, and regularly do (just ask the people of Ecuador about Chevron killing 10,000 in the Amazon) : https://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-237321761.html

The mighty United States, with all their wealth and power calls the shots across this world, and "they" can't support their families, no matter how hard they try. They know who to blame, and it isn't their U.S. corporate controlled (oil company controlled) government.

We (the world) needs change. Serious change. Letting the worlds, mostly America's .01% run everything is gonna blow up in our faces sooner rather than later. The pitchforks are coming. http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/06/the-pitchforks-are-coming-for-us-plutocrats-108014 :

It's a wonder "they" don't hate us more. I could go on, but time to go to work. At least I got Christmas off.....

The Media Treats Republicans Like They Are Not Insane - Newsflash - They Are Insane

When referring to Republicans (or conservatives), all Democrats should point out at the start of every statement "Republicans are simply insane" and then go on to say what they are going to say. Every single time.

The media treats people that think helping billionaires avoid taxes is good for America, climate change isn't happening, or isn't man made, free trade rocks, and a host of other completely insane stuff like regular (not idiots) people.

Republicans think having billionaires spend hundreds of millions of money in secret on elections is good for democracy, and drill baby drill is a great policy, and on, and on, and on. When two opposing views are expressed, the talking heads give the absolutely idiotic view the same treatment as someone who is pointing out facts that are undeniable.

Insanity, and mostly the media's fault.


From article: "The media needs to stop treating Republicans like sane people, and instead accept that the lunatics are running the Republican asylum."

Remember. To call oneself a Republican these days, means you belong in an asylum, or you should be hung for treason. Period. No exceptions.

Bernie Has More Supporters Than Trump - Media Reporting This? - No

I love how they skew things..... Bernie has more overall supporters than Trump.

Never could have guessed it watching the news.


Would Bernie Be Leading Hillary In A Fair Fight?

I ask the question. I watch the news more than most people, and rarely see the "pundits" talking about Bernie's platform. I see more coverage now, from the almost complete blackout we had, but very little mention of what he wants, or stands for.

I am not saying I have not heard of his free college education, but hardly anything else about the terms he uses. The billionaire class, and him talking about the fact that we are being screwed.

Remember, Bernie has more supporters overall than Trump, and not once have I heard this on my teevee. No mention of the fact that he has had more individual donations than any candidate in history either. How about the fact that Bernie correctly chose to not give Bush authorization to invade Iraq, and blow the hell out of the place. Maybe he was Nostradamus. Hillary sure wasn't smart enough to see the chaos that would ensue. Zero coverage.

Hey CNN, and MSNBC, let's not talk about it ok? (Forget the Fox Propaganda Channel)

Let's just do horserace 100% of the time, and ignore issues, and differences, and records!!!!

CNN Screwed Bernie This Morning - Again

I happened to turn on CNN this morning for my first cup. They were talking about their "poll" as of late. They showed a graphic showing Hillary in practically a dead heat against Rubio, Cruz, and Trump, losing to two of them. They said they were all within the margin of error.

One of their pundits then claimed Bernie beats "someone" by a wider margin. You know, they never showed the graphic showing him slaughtering Trump, or even mentioned by how big the margin was. I think he said "double digits" but I am not sure.

Where was the graphic CNN?

Hmmmm.... smells like another rat to me.
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