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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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FOIA Request Shows Govt Lied About Lead in Water, Knowingly Poisoning Countless Children

Source: The Free Thought Project

"Michigan state officials knew the city of Flint’s water supply was giving children lead poisoning while falsely assuring residents that the water was safe"

Read more: http://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/foia-request-shows-govt-lied-about-lead-water-knowingly-poisoning-countless

Everyone involved needs to be arrested.

Knowingly poisoning children.

This can not be "forgotten about" like business as usual.

Koch Industries Gave To DLC - We Need To Support DLC Candidate? I Say No

Koch Industries gave funding to the DLC and served on its Executive Council


"And for $25,000, 28 giant companies found their way onto the DLC’s executive council, including Aetna, AT&T;, American Airlines, AIG, BellSouth, Chevron, DuPont, Enron, IBM, Merck and Company, Microsoft, Philip Morris, Texaco, and Verizon Communications. Few, if any, of these corporations would be seen as leaning Democratic, of course, but here and there are some real surprises. One member of the DLC’s executive council is none other than Koch Industries, the privately held, Kansas-based oil company whose namesake family members are avatars of the far right, having helped to found archconservative institutions like the Cato Institute and Citizens for a Sound Economy. Not only that, but two Koch executives, Richard Fink and Robert P. Hall III, are listed as members of the board of trustees and the event committee, respectively–meaning that they gave significantly more than $25,000."

Sorry, people who take money from the Koch Brothers don't get my support.

3 Choices.



Koch Funded DLC 3rd Way Democrat

I know you will make the right choice.

Hear, hear.

P.S. Hillary did not take money from the Koch Brothers. She (and the big dog) was simply part of the Koch Brother funded DLC. I must make a clarification. They believed moving the Democratic Party to the center would be good politics. They may have been right, but I don't think so. We are paying for that movement every day now.....

Bernie Campaign - Prosecute Rick Snyder - Real Issue

I don't care how right wing someone is.

Calling for the prosecution of someone who knowingly poisoned children among others is a winner.

I doubt Hillary will call for prosecutions.

Bernie should.

(Hillary can too if she is smart)

Rick Snyder Poisoned Children - Say It - It Is True - I Know You Can!!!!

When You Knowingly Poison Children What Are You?

A Republican Governor.

Prosecute this asshole (Rick Snyder) now.

He knowingly poisoned people/children, and suppressed information that could have kept thousands safe, by warning about the water.

This asshole belongs behind bars.

Snyder apologizes, Wyant resigns in Flint water crisis

Source: Detroit Free Press

"elevated lead levels in Flint's drinking water would have spurred action months sooner if the results of city testing that wrapped up in June had not been revised by the DEQ to wrongly indicate the water was safe to drink."

Read more: http://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2015/12/29/deq-director-wyant-resigns-over-flint-water-crisis/78027052/

Rick Snyder knowingly poisoned children. Children too poor to buy bottled water. He must resign immediately, and be prosecuted, so he can spend the rest of his days behind bars.



Malaise agrees.....

Trump Lies - Not Including Latest Ones - Ignored Of Course - 76% False Politifact

If you run into a Trump Supporter, be ready to claim with a straight face Trump is a liar.

Take no prisoners.

Be ready to ask them: "If you support a bald faced liar, what does that make you" and see how they react.

I am sure a stream of lies, and feces will come out of their mouths. That's how it works.

Some notable Trump lies: Washington Post




Without Labels Bernie Wins All 50 States

If the candidates had to run on their records, and their positions, without labels or names, Bernie would win all 50 states.

Just have to make simple minded folks understand this one simple statement.

Bernie is for the 99%. The rest, not so much......

"First They Ignore You" - Over

"Then They Laugh At You" - Hard to laugh at someone most Americans agree with.

"Then They Fight You" - You have 2.3 million supporters and counting. Gonna be a good fight.

"Then You Win" - Everyone but the fat cats (and their surrogates) will win.

Trump Simply Lying About Bernie Raising Taxes - Media Quiet As Always - Unchallenged Lies

I have heard it 3 or 4 times lately some right wing dirt bag claiming Bernie wants to tax "everyone" at 60% on the tee vee. I don't know where they get this lie, but they repeat it on television, and then it trickles down to the ignorant, so they can repeat it. Scary, scary, scary. Works every time.

Show me where Bernie says he wants to double or triple anyone's taxes.

Trump: “Strange, but I see wacko Bernie Sanders’ allies coming over to me because I’m lowering taxes, while he will double and triple them — a disaster!”

Lie, lie, lie.

I am sick of unchallenged lies.

And the media doesn't call Republicans out on their outright lies. They are the biggest part of the problem. Letting lies go unchallenged, and forcing liars to state retractions.

The lie is the story, not the babbled crap.

The Article:

So Hillary Wants My Support Once She Wraps Up Nomination - Here's The Facts - Reposted

Reposted: I like Hillary, and figure she would probably do a fair job as president. I would also never vote for a Republican, no matter what. The thing is, it would be hard for me to fight for her, phone banking, and the rest, as hard as i would for Bernie. Sorry.

This country needs fundamental change. Bernie, with millions of us joining his revolution could take back some of Wall Street's power. With Hillary, there is no indication she would ever take on the billionaire class.

There it is.

Sorry Hillary. Pretending to be what I want in a candidate is not the same thing as fighting your whole life for the least among us. I say this appreciating what you have done during your career.

It will be hard for me to motivate myself to fight for someone that has taken so much money from the billionaire class. I would have to trust you to work for my family harder than them, knowing your will need their money for your re-election.

Once again sorry. You will still get my vote, and my support.
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