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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 01:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Republicans, What's Wrong With Trump?

I just don't get why Republican "leaders" don't like Donald Trump.

He isn't any more of a lying, fake christian, bigoted, anti-human being, billionaire loving, corporate loving jerkwad than any of the rest of their pathetic candidates.

What's the problem?

He evens says something that is true from time to time unlike most Republicans.

Is Ted Cruz Still Holding Up Aid For Poison Victims in Flint?

The other day I heard he was running for asshole of the year.

Is he still, or has he dropped out and stopped his hold on the Flint Aid Bill?

Anyone know?

Now What Horrible Trade Deal Will Be Next? TPP Really Sucks - Who Cares Right?

Some of us are getting tired of being sold out by "our leaders".

And I mean screwed big time.




Panama, Korea, and Colombia.

All SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The list is growing faster than the number of closed manufacturer's.

What's Next?

Bill Ending Most Brutal Corporate Tax Rape Loophole Will Go Nowhere - Thanks GOP

The foreign entity of a corporation can loan 'their" corporation money, and then write off the interest saving millions in taxes. This is the most brutal in your face tax rape loophole there is, and Sander M. Levin of Michigan, the ranking Democrat on the Ways and Means Committee, and Representative Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, the top Democrat on the Budget Committee introduced a bill to stop it.


Of course it will go nowhere.

Thank you Republican scumbags.

Imagine if you could loan yourself money, and then write off the interest.

Wouldn't that be great!!!!!!

Corporations do it every day, and Republicans love the idea.

Let's do something folks.

Make sure ever person in America knows the Republicans won't stop this or support the bill ending this from of tax rape.

It's election season. What an issue!!!!

Is Bernie The Borg? Attacking Him Makes Him Stronger

That has to be it!

Planned Parenthood Tells Millions Fighting For Change To Get Lost

Is their leadership so stupid that they think the millions of people supporting Bernie, and real change can be ignored?

This is the stupidest thing PP has ever done.

By far.

Telling people fighting for change they support the current government by gravy train.

Imagine when Hillary becomes the nominee how all the dirty deals will be exposed day by day. The people won't be able to tell the difference from what Hillary, and Bill actually did, and what is crap being thrown at the wall.

Why are we asking for this?

Bernie is a thousand times safer candidate in my opinion.

I like Hillary, but I know whats coming.

My friend told me yesterday "Hillary belongs in jail, go you agree" and I said if Hillary belongs in jail so does Trump.

I don't give a damn about the imaginary crap like Benghazi, or emails. What I do care about is all these back room endorsement deals blowing up in our nominee's face.

Who Runs The Democratic Party?

Does the Democratic Party represent hard working Americans, or corporations?

When I see our president, and many others secretly negotiating TPP, and shoving it down our throats with no input from labor, or environmental groups, well, the answer is plain as day.

I realize what scorched earth opposition PBO has faced from day one, and it isn't pretty. Why he sold out to the corporate overlords with TPP is beyond me. He has made a lot of progress in so many other areas.

If the Democrats gave a sh*t they would stop this TPP nightmare. They won't.

Sad isn't it?

Where do we turn?

The Democrats supporting TPP are real Democrats. My problem is to many "Real Democrats" don't seem to care about what is good for American workers, my country, my family, much less the planet. TPP is a fine example, of laborers, and the planet, and democracy itself getting screwed. Again. Letting corporations bypass local laws if the laws cause loss of profit. Insane. Totally insane. Beyond insane. It's worse than Fascism.

Elizabeth Warren: The Game is Rigged and the American People Know That

The game is rigged. How many here understand that?

How many understand what it will take to fix it?

Which candidate is most willing to (try to) change the game?

Mark Cuban said "Income inequality is our biggest problem" I saw in a video yesterday. I guess he agrees.


When is enough enough?

Mark Cuban: Our Biggest Problem Is Income Inequality

So Mark Cuban said in an interview by Tai Lopez that "Our (America's) biggest problem is income inequality. He was asked what was the best thing he could do politically.

Others agree Mark. I for one.

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