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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 01:23 AM
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Howard Dean Fed up with Bernie supporting cyber bullies and negative campaign tactics against HRC #2


Thank you

Howard Dean Verified account

Sorry to disappoint. Fed up with Bernie supporting cyber bullies and negative campaign tactics against HRC who I like and respect


P.S. Reposted from Hillary Group for whom almost all of DU is banned.

Now let us Democrats say what we think about Howard Dean's crocodile tears.

I guess Howard is not happy. The entire corporate wing of the Democratic Party, the entrenched power brokers who love our pay to play system, and the billionaire owned press all want the nominee to be Hillary. I guess some silly college kids are being mean to them. Boo F-ing Hoo.

Instead of saying what I really think about a once great Democrat, what do you have to say.

7,843 Minutes Of Trump Speaking On MSM - Sanders 3 Minutes - HRC 3 Minutes

These for profit mofo's should not be allowed to use the airways, or cable networks to broadcast this much hate.

"Get a job" crap from the Dumpster. Where, in the factories on China making Trump hats? A-hole.

If Bernie and Hillary got as much air time, and it should be mandatory, Trump would have a much smaller pack of racists following him. Bernie and Hillary would have their messages of hope, and a non white supremacist future for America heard, and people with working brains would have a better idea of the difference between our candidates, and crazy town.

Ain't gonna happen though.

The only thing worse than Republicans is the media.

It really sucks turning on my television, which is how I like to get my news, and see wall to wall Trump Hate Speech Coverage.

This pissed me off more than even the things Trump says.

John Kasich Pathetic Lie About Bad Iraq Intelligence

Here is what he said word for word in an interview on CNN tonight "We went into Iraq because they said we had the intelligence that Saddam had a weapon of mass destruction".

Newsflash Kasich. There was no "they" saying anything of the sort. There was zero credible evidence that Saddam had any WMD's. To say something different is a f-ing lie. You Republicans are still trying to let Bush and Cheney off the hook for lying. They "they" is Bush and Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice. Not one single shred of credible evidence. Zero. Stop lying.

This lie won't and has not ever worked except for with people about half as smart as my dog. A typical Republican voter.

Kasich, there was nothing but lies about WMD's.

All the Americans (and others) who buried their kin because of Bush's lies don't deserve you trying to justify them.

History is history.

Romney: “What Bernie Sanders knows is simply wrong" - Really?

So here is what Mitt knows.

He can get a pot of money from his filthy rich buddies, and buy a company who is making money, and has a great balance sheet. He then sells off it's assets, and loads the company up with debt, by borrowing from government supported banks, and others (suckers), and pays himself, and his buddies millions upon millions in profits. He then offshores all production to China, lays off all the workers, and then files for bankruptcy. He and his buddies pocket millions, and the tax payers get stuck with having to take care of the employees, because the bankruptcy wiped out their retirement fund, I mean what was left after the Romney Gang drained it. The employees are technically, and actually robbed of their retirements by ol Mitt by the thousands.

Repeat on another company.

Vulture Capitalism at it's finest.

What Mitt Knows.....

F-You Mitt.

I Am Sure HRC Supporters Are Glad MSM Is 100% On Their Side Against Sanders

The coverage of Bernie Sanders in the media is sickening. From outright unchallenged lies (like the 90% tax rate I saw on 3 separate occasions) to outright omissions. On, and on, and on. The skewing of the success he had last weekend taking more delegates, and winning 3 out of 4 states is appalling. When they report on Bernie they do it in the most derogatory and discounting way possible. Just look at Chris Matthews. How about listing all the super delegates with every reference, not actual pledged delegates with no disclaimers that the super delegates will switch if Bernie wins the pledged.

If Bernie wins, and can change campaign finance, the media may lose billions upon billions in ad revenue. No way they will let that happen. Full speed ahead Hillary/Trump as far as they are concerned.

How about my concerns?

I am sick of this lopsided playing field.

As to my OP, I am sure the HRC supporters appreciate all the help they are getting from our billionaire owned press. I am sure they know if the playing field was fair, Bernie would be smoking her too.

Here is example #7988765354687


ABC Screws Bernie With BS Coverage - Again

I clicked on a link from a different story and read the article on ABC's site, and watched the commentary.


They include superdelegates in the delegate totals, but don't say what the pledged delegate number is.

They don't mention Bernie just won 3 out of 4 states this weekend, and walked away with more pledged delegates from these 4 states.

They don't say what the 2 to 1 winning margin was in Maine.

What the hell can we do about this skewed BS coverage?


I did just donate another $50 to Bernie to help make up for it.

What can we do?

Imagine where the Sanders Campaign would be if the entire oligarchy, and media wasn't throwing rocks on the scale?

I Refuse To Watch The News Today

All this Reagan garbage makes me sick.

Ronald Reagan was a horrible president, a racist, and responsible for a large portion of the problems America faces today.

To watch the "talking heads" ignore his REAL RECORD makes me ill.

RIP Nancy.

Nancy Reagan Helped A Racist Monster Hurt Millions of Americans

I am so sick of "The Media", and the Republican slime balls gushing over Ronnie (and Nancy) I want to puke.

Ronald Reagan's policies created the screwed up economy that only benefits the 1% while the rest of us are expected to work harder and harder for less and less every day. Reagan convinced millions to blame "welfare queens" for their problems. He claimed the government was the problem, not the wealthy "free market" economic terrorists who plundered our families savings. He cut aid to the mentally ill so much that millions went homeless who had no real way to cope. He ended affordable college. The list goes on forever. So what if he wagged his finger at Gorbachev after the Russians had been bankrupt for years. I give him zero credit for anything good.

Reagan was a f-ing monster.

When he took office was when the middle class began their plunge into the abyss.

For every good thing Reagan did, there was 10 bad things, or maybe 100.

I had to turn off my television today because of all the gushing bull crap.

No way anyone will ever talk about Reagan's "the bad" today, tomorrow, or forever.

Ronnie was a saint as far as they are concerned. EOM. All they will ever have to say.

It makes me sick because I live in the real world where real bad policies (and straight faced racism) hurts real good people.

Ronnie, the government (of, by, and for the people) isn't the problem. Having the oligarchs run it is the problem you asshole.

My Friend Is A Trump Supporter

We have great conversations. He does know all about Trump too, and is great at defending him. The funny thing is the reason he supports Trump. He says the entire Republican Party is corrupt, and the proof is from a visit to his doctor, and his bill. He said the whole system needs to be torn down, and he is counting on Trump to mess it up. I halfway agree. Halfway.

Our government IS completely corrupt, and what is good for Average Americans is the last thing most politicians seem to care about.

I halfway agree with him.

The problem is the carnage that will happen, and how many of us will be hurt. Both him and I will be paying.....

Oh well.

There, now you know why at least one person likes Trump!

Bernie Is - FAR - More Electable - Deal With It

Been saying it for some time. The polls confirm what my friends tell me. Bernie slaughters all leading Republicans in the polls, and Hillary loses to 2 out of 3.

Bernie is more, far more electable.

Deal With It.

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