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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Today Is The Beginning Of The End For Trump

For days we have been hearing about how "they" were worried about the Trump Foundation scandals/problems. Now we see why. I think they knew they were going to be caught, and let on.

This obvious self dealing is an obvious crime, and it will be the all downhill from here.......

I know the deplorables will still "support" him, but he is going down, starting today.

No way to defend paying corporate bills with your charity donations.

David A. Fahrenthold = I Smell A Pulitzer = Trump Self Dealing

The information is out there. He is the one that looked under a few rocks and wallah! Pulitzer.

How many more rocks / Pulitzers are there out there?

"Trump used $258,000 from his charity to settle legal problems"


I Bet Anything Trump Jr. Gets Tossed Under The Bus For The Foundation Crimes

The self dealing.

Anyone wanna bet?

Trump used $258,000 from his charity to settle legal problems


Surrogates Beware - You Are Becoming Accomplices

Helping Trump cover up his crimes is a crime, in case you didn't know.

Have you all got your own lawyers?

Keep on lying, and see what happens on the self dealing thing.....

It's like every day they uncover more felonies.

Donald - Maybe You Should Drop Out Now.....

Let's see. They found 5 (or more) felonies today that we know of. You appear to be guilty as hell of self dealing, having your charity pay your corporation's bills/fines.

When you run for president they look under lots of rocks. When it comes to how you do business Donald, there is a slimy thing (felony) under a large percentage of said rocks.

Self dealing?


And we have 50 plus days to go.

How many more crimes will they uncover? God only knows. I hope he can count that high.

I know it doesn't matter to your supporters because you are going to "fix" our broken government you say. Ok. To the rest of us? Having a (real) criminal as president doesn't sound all that appealing. No, really. You are obviously a criminal, and it is just a matter of time before you do the perp walk.

Maybe you should have talked to one of your hundreds of lawyers about your criminal acts before you threw your hat (Make America Great Again) into the ring.

Ya think?

Anyone Watch Kellyanne Twist Herself Into Knots On CNN?

A thing of beauty/barf.

Mar a Lago was fined, and agreed to donate to a charity. The Trump Foundation which was not fined contributed the money for the businesses fine.

How did Mar a Lago benefit she asks?

Buy having a charity pay for a fine on a business.


It is textbook self dealing Kellyanne. Look it up.

Twist, twist, twist, twist, twist, twist, twist, twist, twist, twist, twist, and twist some more.

Ain't working Kellyanne.

Just plead guilty!

I'm Going To Start A Charity - Donate To Me

And I will use the money to pay the fines my company incurs from not following regulations.

Sound fair?

I Am So Proud Of CNN / Don Lemmon - Had Trump Surrogate On To Ask Her Why They Are Still Lying

I'm not kidding. Don had Marsha Blackburn on (a Trump Surrogate) and demanded an answer to the question "Why are Trump Surrogates continuing to lie about the birther issue, and who started it". Of course Congresscritter Blackburn went straight to Whitewater, Benghazi, and CGI. Never would answer why her and her Trump loving friends are lying their asses off when (CNN) played clip after clip of Trump Supporters lying. Blackburn said Hillary was a birther, and she was sure she could find video to prove it. Really? That was her excuse. Of course it was almost to the point of them making fun of her. It's not like she brought a video of Hillary asking
Barack to prove where he was born.....

Marsha, why are you and your friends lying straight faced into all them cameras anyway?

I am proud of the way someone is actually starting to push back on the lies. It's a good start.

Queen Of The Deplorables - Marsha Blackburn On CNN - Sure Can Prove Hillary Is A Birther

This sick human being (I assume) claimed she was sure she could pull up video from the 2008 Hillary campaign where Mrs. Clinton was asking Obama to prove where he was born.

I just started laughing.

The host, and Jennifer Granholm kept pushing her, asking her why she, and other Trump Surrogates keep pushing birther lies. Hillary never was a birther, and did not run a birther campaign regardless how many times the scum of the earth like Marsha Blackburn keep saying she did.

These people are sick.

Bondi-Gate/Birther/Trump Foundation Fraud/Trump U Fraud/More.... Pssst Media Don't Take Your Eye

Off the slimeball.

You have a job to do, and covering a bombing 24/7 isn't it.

Oh, and forget about the e-mails, the CGI, and Benghazi. We have a real criminal you can "investigate" instead of just pushing Republican talking points for them.

Now get to it or get a different job.
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