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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Donald Trump The Stupidest Person Alive

When you consider how much money he has to throw around, "The Donald" decides to run for president for god knows what reason.

"The Donald" is so f-ing stupid he doesn't understand that "the media" will look into his "business dealings" and check things like his foundation slush fund, and his bribing of Bondi. They will obviously uncover his numerous crimes. God knows how many crimes he has committed. Looks like we may find out, because his ego demanded he "try" to become president. Insane.

Rather than living a life of luxury using his money to push people around, do deals, and run scams, he runs for president, and will end up going to prison because of it.

Why Trump is the stupidest person alive is the fact that he had more to lose than other regular stupid people.

Way to go Donald.

I wonder what his bail will be......

Hey Media Assholes - No, Really, Assholes - Trump Is A Criminal - Print It Assholes

Trump is obviously a criminal, and all you jerks just beat around the bush.

Imagine if it was Hillary Clinton who ran a fake university, who's only mission was to scam people out of money with hard sell tactics.
Imagine if it was Hillary Clinton who's "Foundation" bought personal gifts for her, paid off her company's legal bills, and settlements.
Imagine if it was Hillary Clinton who's "Foundation" paid a bribe to an Attorney General considering prosecuting her for racketeering.
Imagine if it was Hillary Clinton who charged an Attorney General $5,000 to rent a venue that costs $140,000 to rent for a fundraiser after she decided not to prosecute her for an obvious crime.

If it was Hilllary instead of the Donald, you would have beaten her to death by now.

But since it is the Donald, what, you have to go easy on him right?

You suck.

No really, you suck.

"Breaking News - Donald Trump Is A Criminal"

And to think "The Donald" was so stupid he thought he could do all these crimes, and run for president, and no one would figure it out.

He is possibly the stupidest person on the planet, and a criminal.

Is Sarah Palin Smarter Than Trump?

Everyone knows what the term word salad means. My question is whether or not Trump is smarter than Caribou Barbie.

The Donald has obviously committed multiple felonies. Is he so stupid that he though he wouldn't get caught if he ran for president, knowing that they will look under (almost) ever rock?

So who is smarter (more of an idiot) Sarah Palin or Trump.

Trump Better Be Law And Order

Cuz he's going to prison.

Don't do the crime if ya can't do the time.

Dumbass obviously didn't learn that lessen from his Klan father.

Hillary For President Trump For Prison

Where is a sign I can buy?

Republicans Sabotage The Economy Then Try To Blame Obama For Folks Not Doing Well - Just Listen

When are Democrats going to use the word sabotage? At the start of Obama's presidency zero Republicans voted for the stimulus, and then their obstruction got worse on everything, every step of the way. Attack Obama, attack Obama, attack Obama, and attack some more, while he was trying to clean up Bush's mess.

They wanted Obama to fail. Period. Just ask Mitch McConnell. He even admitted it.

Name one thing Republicans have done to help President Obama create jobs. You can't. I am not even going to talk about them working on or sabotaging foreign policy. Republicans might as well be working for the Russians, ISIS, and Al Qaeda for how much they help "fight terrorism with a united America". I am not kidding. Problems in the world? They attack anyone trying to solve the problems. They oppose EVERYTHING.

And then they get away with blaming Obama for the fact that "folks" aren't doing well in this election cycle. Just listen to them babbling their "blame Obama" nonsense to ignorant "fly over country" working (used to be) stiffs.

Where is the push back?

I am sick of Republicans getting away with their economic treason.

Anyone else sick of their sabotage?

Republicans need to be hammered, and called out on their economic sabotage.


Media? (sic)

I just watched some Republican Pastor (sic) on CNN trying to defend Trump's claim about blacks doing worse than ever, and blame Obama for their problems. Two separate pathetic lies.

I am truly sick of it.

They are economic traitors, and should be referred to as such.

"He's Living In An Alternate Universe" Don Lemmon (CNN) On Trump

After Trump claimed that African Americans have it worse now than ever before, Don talked about some of the progress POC have experienced lately. Then Mr. Lemmon said he didn't know what Trump was talking about. He said about Trump "He's Living In An Alternate Universe".

I just say Trump is simply lying.

Good for you Don.

President Trump Will Pardon His Son(s) For Their Crimes

What a way to do business!

Self dealing. The charity his son ran paid Bondi.

Juuuuuust have to get into the White House.......

If Trump Is So Rich Why Is He Committing Felonies Self Dealing?

There is no way he thinks paying Mar a Lago bills/fines/settlements with his charity is legal. Why would he risk prison to support his business? There is only two possible answers.

1. He never thought he would get caught.

2. He is broke, and doing all he can to stay afloat, damn the torpedoes.

Seriously, why is he committing obvious crimes? What was he thinking?

Maybe someone should ask him......

Imagine Trump being penniless. Even if he doesn't go to prison (as it looks like he probably will) his name is toxic, and his hotels can't book anyone, and are sinking fast. God he sucks as business, and he is a crook to boot. I can think of three separate "things" he should be prosecuted over. Bondi-gate, Trump U Scam, and Self Dealing. There is more I'm sure. Imagine how bad he would suck as president folks!

Vote Trump! (sarcasm)

NBC Universal Donates To "Trump Foundation" For Access / Benefit - Just Like CGI Right?

NBC Universal gave the Trump Foundation $500,000. Why? So they can pass it on to needy charities? If you think that is why, I have a bridge to sell you.

Was it basically an illegal payment for "The Apprentice" show? Trump could use the cash any way he wants without paying taxes (he thought he wouldn't get caught), and NBC can write if off? That would be my guess.

Win win right?

Where are the 20 people "investigating" this? Something smells reeeeeeel bad here. Where there's smell, there's Trump.

Oh, I forgot. They are all at cocktail parties rubbing elbows with the folks they are supposed to be investigating "reporting" on.

They got their access.....
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