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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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Criminal Trump Wants Obama To Promise To Not Pardon Clinton

When he is guilty of more crimes than an average gangster.

Projecting much Donald?

Russia Is Trying To Get Trump Elected - Why Is This Not A Big Time Story?

Putin is trying to return to the cold war. He wants Trump as president because Trump is so stupid he can be manipulated with one finger. Hillary can bait "The Donald" with a tweet, or a comment. What can Putin do? He has bombs, spies, and hackers.

America, you should think about this for just a second.

Renee Ellmers Defending Trump This Morning On MSNBC - The Tweets Have Stopped - Ran Out Of Cocaine

I guess.....

Go ahead and defend Trump you Republican scum sucking pile of human feces.

Trump is obviously a f-ing criminal, and I don't care about Hillary's "scandals" regardless how many times you spew your nonsense. But since he is a Republican criminal all his crimes are fine right? Fake charity, obviously paying bribes, serial stiffing of contractor fraud, Trump U scam, paying Castro, and the list goes on, and on, and on. Trump belongs behind bars, not in the White House idiot.

Renee, how are Obama, and Clinton supposed to fix the world's problems, if all your party does is attack them, and offer zero solutions, and zero help to actually fix any problems? Zero help for 7 years from you bastards.

All you Republicans do is complain about the mess in the middle east when it was your buddy Bush that blew up the whole thing. He is even the one that negotiated the deal with Iraq to have our troops leave too. Not PBO. Every single thing Obama tried to do to create jobs, including the stimulus you Republicans tried to stop. Your party is a pack of economic, and security traitors.

Renee, go back to trying to take away my medical insurance, and pretending climate change isn't real. Do something useful. I am sure you think Donald would be a "change agent" as you put it. I really don't want the white supremacists in charge of our government restoring white privilege, and giving billionaires more tax breaks, and then spend 4 more years ignoring climate change.

God I hate Republicans.

All Republicans.

Even the so called "nice" ones.

Up All Night Tweeking er... Tweeting - Drug Test Time Donald

Anyone recognize a pattern?

Time for a drug test.

Trump Built His Wealth Screwing Contractors And Caterers

This so sick. He brags about how rich he is, and basically robs/defrauds people constantly.

He says "sue me you won't win" and people just take what he offers and walks away SCREWED.

His business model.

What an asshole.

He calls it business.

I call it something else.

"At The End Of The Day It's Not Stiffing" - Heard On MSNBC

She's right.

It's fraud.

Force Trump to return money that his foundation has already raised



"Good Luck Trying To Go Against Fat People In America Donald" - Heard On Don Lemmon

I almost blew my dinner out my nose.

Think about it.

Trump fat shaming anyone.

Obese Donald Trump fat shaming someone, and defending it. In America. The fat person capitol of the universe.

I am still laughing.

Still laughing.

Donald Trump = Unbriefable - Guest On Lawrence O'Donnell

What a great word.

You don't need anyone's opinion if you already know everything.

I like how they talked about how he answers questions. He throws out word salad using big words until he can turn the conversation back into talking about himself, or his opponent.

Keep at it Lawrence.

I have a friend that doesn't like Trump or Hillary, but says he will vote for Trump because "stuff" is so screwed up. I told him "we" both need to work together to fix "our" problems and Trump isn't the answer. Then I told him to watch Lawrence's show. Hope he listens.

He Uses A Charity To Cheat On Taxes Pay Bribes And Corporate Expenses Then....

Surrounds himself with lawyers, runs for president, and is so arrogant he thinks he won't go to jail.

This person isn't smart enough to be president.

In fact he will be doing time.
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