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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
Number of posts: 1,926

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--- Breaking News --- Republicans Hire Taliban For Voter Suppression At Polls

Don't give them ideas....

Phone Record Anyone Making It Hard For People To Vote / Suppression

So they can be prosecuted.

Don't hit, stab, shoot, or kill them.

Video tape them thoroughly.

No Taliban Style suppression will be tolerated.

I know, I know. If they get tried, and their judge is a Republican they will get off because their crimes actually help the GOP.

What a sad day it is in Amerika.

I wonder if we can call the police and make citizen's arrests?

Republicans Will Be Going All Out TALIBAN Come Election Day T A L I B A N - Tweet/.Facebook Everyone

They are even bragging about how they will try to keep people from voting, and REPUBLICAN JUDGES are in on it.

How do you feel about Taliban style anti voting tactics?

This country is going to fail if we let this stand.

Is Kellyanne Conway The Most Unfit Mother In America? Real Question

I posted earlier "Who Else Here Absolutely Can't Stand Kellyanne Conway? I Mean Reeeeeeealy Can't Stand Her".


Someone said the authorities should see about taking her children away if they are being "harmed".

Think about it. Having 4 girls growing up with a mother who lies for a living, believes in an ideology that is against everything our founding fathers dreamed America would become, and works for the most evil people ever born is abuse in my mind.

Teaching her little girls to hate "others" like her boss does, and she defends is abuse.

Attacking people running for office with non stop vicious lies, and pure bs proves what kind of a person she is.

Would Hitler be an unfit parent?

Think about it.

Kellyanne isn't Hitler. She just works for Hitler's protege. As far as children go, Trumps children as as sick as he is. Possibly worse. Who's fault is that?

If Anyone In The Trump Campaign Is Knowingly Helping Russia

Should the be tried, and if convicted face a firing squad?

I am serious.

What Trump is doing accepting, and working with Russian fed information weakens our democracy.

Some would call it treason, helping Russia in any way.

I do.

We all know the penalty for treason.

They Have To Use Voter Suppression To Have A Chance At Winning

Then the GOP'ers go on TV and say they are not doing voter suppression.

Oh, we cut down early voting places in minority dominant areas because......

They can only win by cheating.

There has never been a word created, or uttered that comprises the true stench of everything Republican.

Pathetic evil.....

It takes twice as long to vote while black as it does to vote while white.


Wonder why?

Trump's Friends Are Simply Far Worse Than Corrupt Politicians = The Stinkier Swamp

Everyone goes to work for money. Even politicians. But there is a difference.

Who's campaign pits Americans against each other, weakening our nation for their power fantasies? Who is accepting help from the Russians, and using their help to weaken America?

Who spreads hate, fear, and loathing? Dividing America?

Who says they will create jobs while still proposing huge tax cuts for the hoarders (1%)?

America needs to deal with money in politics to drain the swamp. Of course the Trump Scum haven't even mentioned the fact that that is how swamp draining is done.

One big scam.

Pretending they will drain the swamp. BS.

Who Else Here Absolutely Can't Stand Kellyanne Conway? I Mean Reeeeeeealy Can't Stand Her

This woman makes me sick to my stomach.

Defending the indefensible and lying like there is no tomorrow, along with non stop low blow dishonest attacks on Mrs. Clinton.

Lie, deflect, attack. Repeat. What a way to make a living.

I am sure once the election is over she will go back to helping a billionaire influence politicians with his PAC $$$$......

Nice work if you can get it right?

And Trump is gonna drain the swamp Kellyanne? His campaign team leaders were hired away (right) from a billionaire's super pac.

This Woman Makes Me Sick

Will 7 Years Of Republican Sabotage Pay Off This Election?

7 years of trying to make "Obama fail" by the GOP. All so they an whine about how poor the economy is so idiots would put them back in power. We all know what happens when Republicans slime into the White House. Disaster after disaster.

Don't be fooled again.....

Republicans don't get credit for sabotage.

Maybe Rudi, Christie, and Trump Will Share The Same Cell Block

When it is all said and done......
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