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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 02:23 AM
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Trump's Supporters Are So Pissed Off At Being Called Deplorable....

They are gonna get together, mount 20' high Confederate flags on their pickup trucks and drive through black neighborhoods in a convoy screaming "rebel yells" at the top of their lungs.


That'll show 'em!

Hey Media - TAKE THEIR OIL???? - Wake The F Up

We really don't want a billion people to join ISIS or Al Qaeda because of what some power mad jerk says.

Wake the F up will ya?

Keith Called Trump The Demonic Messiah

I think that is going easy on him....


Conservatism Is What Is Deplorable - Not Just Racism And Trump's Jerks

Conservatism: Fighting tooth and nail to keep taxes low or zero on corporations, or the billionaires that own them. Making it advantageous to stash trillions in tax havens, pay low taxes, and cut services for the poor and needy. De-regulating banks so they can gamble with our nation's stability (again).

Now I could go on about taking away people's health care insurance, and cutting food stamps for starving children, and more, but you get my drift.

Conservatism is deplorable.


I Bet Hillary Is Far More Healthy Than Trump - Where Is The Lying Media?

Women live longer, and Trump is older.

I will bet Trump has more crud in his arteries than anyone running for president since Taft.

And they want to talk about Hillary's health.

Gimmee a break.

Trump Saying We Should "Take Their Oil" Is Beyond Deplorable - PLaying In The Muslim World

Imagine how they feel when Trump says we should (at gunpoint) just take their oil. After talking about torturing "them".

What does Donald think our nation actually stands for?

Abu Gharib, or a shining city on the hill?

I Heard Trump Supporters Think Deplorable Has Something To Do With Deportation

So they are for it!

Trump Needs Donations / He Has Rent To Pay (Himself)

Pony up dumbasses.

CGI = Saves Lives / Trump Foundation = Scam.... Not That Difficult To Understand

JUST IN: Washington Post Uncovers MASSIVE Corruption At Trump Foundation


The New Trump Charity = Give To Me And I Will Pay Myself To Rent My Place For Events! = What A Deal!

The art of the scam it was called the other day.
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